• Atlanta Tour Paddock Notes

    Atlanta was the first tour event to feature live audio without the “testing” caveat.  Mark Davis, Chris Cline, Heyward Wagner and Dave Hardy delivered all the action to over 1000 listeners over the two days.  All totaled,...Read more
  • 8 Tried and True Tips for a $500 Solo Nationals Budget

    by Heyward Wagner One of the biggest excuses I hear for not going to Nationals is that it cost too much. In argument, I have made the statement that Solo Nationals can be done on a total budget of $500. Now, you are not...Read more
  • Declining Stock

    by Heyward Wagner A decade ago, Stock Class was hands down the most vibrant category in our sport.  The norm was double-digit fields in multiple classes at National Tour and ProSolos and many classes posting 50 plus car...Read more
  • A Love Letter, from Bob Tunnell

    If you made it to the end of the Stock Class piece, you may have noticed a reference to change in Bob Tunnell’s priorities.  Gone are the days of constant top-level Solo competition.  Instead, Bob had redirected his focus in...Read more
  • Driving Through- Bill Schenker

    by Heyward Wagner When the dust settled on the El Toro ProSolo, Bill Schenker stood atop it all.  The former Olympic Slalom Skier, Schenker is known as much for his intensity, focus and relentless preparation as he is for...Read more
  • El Toro ProSolo Paddock Notes

    Christine Berry backed up her 2010 ProSolo Overall Ladies Championship with a dominant performance in El Toro.  For the second year in a row, Berry took the Ladies 2 win, and won the Ladies Challenge.  Ladies 1 winner,...Read more
  • How an Idea Becomes a Rule: The SCCA Solo Rules Process

    How an Idea Becomes a Rule: The SCCA Solo Rules Process

    You frequently see comments on internet forums like "The SCCA classed my car there? Are they crazy?" or "I talked to the SCCA rules guy and he said...". The problem with those comments is that they mostly show a lack of...Read more
  • First Time Around

      Friday afternoon, while most of the San Diego National Tour was busy unloading cars from trailers and setting up their paddock spaces, Shields Hull quietly and unassumingly was changing back to his street tires so he and...Read more