• More Information on the Tri-States Championships and the Road Course Tour

    Tri-States Championship Blytheville Arkansas September 30- October 2 Late fees have been dropped for this event and folks can even enter at the site on Friday afternoon/evening. Course will be a Grady Wood modified...Read more
  • 5 Reasons Why YOU should go to Nationals this Year...

    1.  The year of the Tents.  2010 saw the first paddock tent.  It became a hub of activity featuring cook-outs, parties and hours upon hours of 4-square.  This year 10 more tents will be added to the fold, each from a...Read more
  • Drivers' Meeting - July 28th 2011

    Course Worker Guidelines By the Solo Safety Committee The Solo Events Board asked the Solo Safety Committee to develop a set of Course Worker Guidelines -- to make sure that we’re all on the same page when it comes to what...Read more
  • Packwood Nationals Tour Paddock Notes

    The Tour featured an awesome Karen Babb designed course that utilized the topography well to provide many off camber challenges yet avoiding the sites harsher areas and also allowing for good drainage. Patience was the word...Read more
  • Packwood ProSolo Paddock Notes

    Both Packwood Events this year saw record numbers in attendance.  The Tour broke the 280 mark for the first time ever and the Pro, while still a smaller ProSolo, was up 8 from last year at 145. The weather for the Pro more...Read more
  • Toledo National Tour Paddock Notes

    Brian Robertson of the Ohio Valley region put together one of the weekends stand out performances in STU.  Over this off season, he converted his Evo from SM to  STU and found that he was suddenly at the top of PAX at local...Read more
  • Rocky Mountain ProSolo Notes

    The Rocky Mountain event set a record for attendance for a ProSolo in the state of Colorado with 185 drivers. The previous record was 183 in 2006, when the event was just outside of Denver proper at the airport.  Which makes...Read more
  • Drivers' Meeting- July 15th 2011

    2011 ProSolo Finale Reregistration window dates Finale registration will open in the following manor: Friday, July 22  - for anyone competing in more 3 or more 2011 ProSolo events. Friday, July 22 - for Zone...Read more
  • Why We Go

    There are as many reasons to go to the Tire Rack SCCA Solo Nationals as there are people who go.  Most of these can be filtered into Howard Duncan's three Cs of Competition, Camaraderie and Community, but each of us has our...Read more
  • Drivers' Meeting- June, 24 2011

    REMINDER- Solo Nationals early registration fees end on July 29th! Click here to register!         Why should you be a Nationals chief? by Mari Clements What is Solo Nationals? Acres of concrete.  Two fabulous...Read more