• Oscoda ProSolo Paddock Notes

      with contributions from Corey Ridgick, Mike Johnson, Matt Murray and Howard Duncan In D-Stock, the Integra Type R has been the standard for some time.  Various Subaru products have been strong from time to time, but the...Read more
  • Feelin' the Heat

      by Darren Darby “Man it's hot. It's like Africa hot. Tarzan couldn't take this kind of hot.” The Tire Race SCCA National Tour made it’s seventh stop of 2011 in Blytheville, Arkansas for the Southern States...Read more
  • Dover Paddock Notes

      Contibutions by Mike Johnson and Bruce Bellom and Pat Griffith HS was a great battle between Bruce Bellom, Joe Austin, and Matt Murray.  Bellom and Murray exchanging the lead on day one a couple of times with  Bellom...Read more
  • Solo Triad Explained

    By Brian Harmer The SCCA Solo Triad award is in its third year however, many members are unaware of the award or how to receive it.  To qualify for the prestigious Triad, drivers must win a Divisional Championship, a...Read more
  • 2011 Tire Rack SCCA Solo Nationals Region Cup Competition

    Competition is being turned up to eleven this year with the introduction of the Region Cup for the 2011 Tire Rack SCCA Solo Nationals.  The Region Cup is a program designed to reward regions that excel in event attendance...Read more
  • The Street Prepared Re-Org

    By David Feighner The question has come up, “What is driving the SP reorg?”  There are several factors that are driving the reorg proposal.  The idea to reorg SP first came from a member letter to add a new class - GSP. ...Read more
  • Spring Nationals Paddock Notes

    Contributions by: Andy Hollis, Kevin Dietz, John Rogers, Mike Johnson, Dan Pedroza and Heyward Wagner Spring Nationals marked the first attempt at a Pro and Tour on the same weekend.  While there were some hick-ups here and...Read more
  • Drivers' Meeting- June, 9th 2011

    Jr. Karts- National Series participants are reminded that all cars in grid must remain motionless from the time the first Jr. Kart leaves the karting grid until the final Jr. Kart returns.  Event officials are aware that this...Read more
  • Wheel Man- Bryan Heitkotter

    By Heyward Wagner When Bryan Heitkotter took the E- Stock National Championship on his first trip to Nationals, many were impressed that a driver with so little experience, and just 25 years of age, could do so well. The...Read more
  • New Jersey Paddock Notes

    The biggest news of the weekend was the triumphant returns of two of the sport’s greats, Dean Sapp and Mark Daddio. Sapp and long time co-driver and friend, Jeff Fields ventured into uncharted territory, entering G-Stock in...Read more