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2017 Targa Southland Registration Is Open

SCCA Targa is a multi-day, multi-discipline event which gives you a chance to sample many of the programs SCCA offers in a low-pressure, highly-social environment.

Targa participants can experience Autocross, RoadRally, Track Trials and Track driving all while interlaced with social activities like cookouts and restaurant gatherings or maybe even a car show. By using this format, enthusiasts can enjoy each of these programs without taking a lot of weekends and dates to do so, and allows for a “team” approach, giving spouses, families and friends a chance to experience the SCCA together.

Because there are lots of different approaches to motorsport enjoyment, there are lots of ways to participate in a Targa event – find a friend or family member, register and come on out. There are even ways to join with and without competition. To learn more, check out our “ways to play” page and explore the “Targa Guide” on the right (bottom on mobile devices) to find out rules, FAQ and more. If you want to learn more about the individual events Targa offers, explore the “Targa Programs” menu.  

Planning an event like this takes a little more logistics than usual to execute, so year-to-year schedules and number of events might not be the same. Some Targa events might take place at multiple tracks, some events may take place at the same track or city – keep an eye on this page for upcoming SCCA Targa events.

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Targa Southland is back! Keep scrolling for more info: 


The 2017 Targa Southland is a multi-discipline driving event that covers autocross, time trials, road rally, and more than 600 miles of driving through South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee. If one automotive event per weekend is good, 6 must be great. Targa is for people who like a challenge. Targa is because you love having fun with cars.

2017 Targa Southland Registration Is Open

For general questions, email Heyward Wagner.

Fast Facts

- The entry cap for this event is 60 cars
- Teams must have at least two drivers, at least one must have a driver’s license and at least two must be over 14
- Other than SCCA membership, no competition/track licensing is required
- Teams may enter in an Experiential Class (Novice/Intermediate/Advanced) and run for fun, or may choose a Competition Class.  Check out Ways to Play for details.
- Targa is just for fun


- Entry fee for Targa and nothing but Targa is $595 per team (includes Car Numbers, Class Designations, Sticker Package, Friday night dinner, event T-shirt an AutoCross, 3 Track Events, a TrackCross, a RoadRally and a nearly endless supply of bottles water)
- Optional Friday night hotel and Saturday breakfast - $125
- Optional Saturday night hotel, in downtown Memphis - $150
- Optional (BUT HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) Saturday night dinner at the World Famous Rendezvous
- Transponder Rental (competition teams only) - $20
- All in, $945 (experiential), $965 (w/Transponder Rental)


Friday August 11
ZMax Dragway - Concord, NC
9:00am-11:00am Check-in/Tech
10:00am Autocross course open for walking
11:00am Drivers & Teams Meeting
12:00pm-3:30pm Event 1 - ZMax Autocross
Charlotte Motor Speedway - Concord, NC
4:30pm Drivers Meeting
5:00pm-9:30pm Event 2 - Track Night Charlotte
Friday Night Hotel - Hilton Garden Inn - Gainesville, GA
($125/Team - includes hot breakfast for two.)
Saturday August 12
Atlanta Motorsports Park - Dawsonville, GA
8:30am Drivers Meeting
9:00am-12:00pm Event 3 - TT/Lapping Sessions
SCCA RoadRally - Atlanta Motorsports Park to Chattenooga, TN
12:15pm RoadRally Lunch
1:00pm-3:00pm Event 4 - RoadRally
9:00pm (Approx) Dinner - ($75/Team)
Saturday Hotel - Spring Hill Suites - Memphis, TN
($150/team - Within walking distance of Rendezvous and Beal Street)
Sunday August 13
Mempis International Raceway - Memphis, TN
9:00am Drivers Meeting
9:30am-12:00pm Event 5 - Lapping Sessions
1:00pm-3:00pm Event 6 - TrackCross
3:15pm Trophy Presentation