Targa Rules


Targa is just for fun.
The first, and most important rule of Targa is: Targa is just for fun.  The classing rules are designed to be laid back, the events are formatted to be easy to understand and the tone is intended to be light.  Failure to adhere to this, the first rule of Targa, puts each of these event virtues at risk.  Do your part, be safe, smart and have fun.

Team Eligibility
Each Targa team must have at least two drivers with valid driver’s licenses.  Drivers who are 16 and 17 years of age are eligible provided a minor waiver has been completed and at least one of their parents is on their team.  Only drivers with valid licenses are allowed to drive a vehicle in any of the Targa elements.

SCCA Membership
All Targa Participants must be SCCA members.  New SCCA membership may be purchased at time of Registration or at check-in for $50.

Vehicle Eligibility
Targa is an event for road going vehicles only.  Vehicles must be road legal, plated and insured and must be driven from venue to venue.  They must meet all conditions spelled out below, pass a technical inspection and must be wider than they are tall.

Vehicle Identification

In keeping with RoadRally standard operating procedure, Targa uses sequential numbering.  That means, the 1st car will be car number 1, and so forth.  Don’t worry about picking a number or bringing a number, we will have numbers and class designations ready for you when you check in.  in addition, all vehicles participating in the event must display the required stickers and windshield banner.

Unlimited Class Vehicles

The intention of unlimited is to have a place where entrants can run just about anything, and “just about anything” often creates some need for advanced safety.  There may be some production based cars which are OK without additional safety modifications, and there may be some cars which must meet  the SCCA Track Trials Rules for vehicle and driver safety equipment.

If you're in a kit-type car of home-built, chances are you're going to need to meet those rules. If you're in a production car, write us and describe/include pictures so we can help guide you. 

It should be stated that we do reserve the right to change a digitally made ruling after actually seeing the car.  We avoid doing so at all cost, but we do want to be clear that, should a safety issue arise, no statements are absolutes.

Experiential, Street, Touring and Production Vehicles
Vehicles in the Street, Touring, Production and Experiential classes must meet the vehicle eligibility requirements set in the SCCA Club Trials Rules.  In addition, convertibles must adhere to the below Convertible Policy.

Convertible Policy
All convertible vehicles entered in a Street, Touring or Production class for Targa must have either documented factory rollover protection or an aftermarket roll bar that meets or exceeds the standards set in the 
SCCA Time Trials Rules.

Experiential entries may participate provided the vehicle meets at least one of the following criteria and is not subject to any of the below exceptions:

In addition, vehicles that were manufactured since 2006 that fall into any of the below categories must meet the criteria stated above for factory or aftermarket roll over protection:

  • Vehicles equipped with factory V8 or forced induction engine
  • Vehicles modified meaningfully beyond the factory performance potential (examples: engine swaps, aftermarket forced induction)

Note: Targa and T-Top vehicles are classified as "hard tops" and do not have to meet the terms and conditions of the convertible policy.

Tire Rules
Tires for Targa are limited to 200 treadwear rating and higher. Additionally, in the Unlimited Class, any vehicle may participate on the tires designated as original equipment by the manufacturer. Unless there is damage to a tire(s), teams must use the same set of tires for all track and autocross events, though a separate set of tires for transit between venues and the Rally event is permitted. Tire Trailers are also allowed.

Helmet Requirements
Helmets must be worn for all track and autocross events.  Helmets certified as meeting the most current or the two most recent applicable Snell, FIA, or SFI standards are acceptable.  Acceptable standards for all events other than Atlanta Motorsports Park include:

  • Snell ratings: SA2015, SAH2015, SA2010, SAH2010, SA2005, M2015, M2010, M2005
  • SFI ratings 31.1, 31.1A, 3.12, 31.2A, 31.1 2005, 41.1, 41.1A, 41.2, 41.2A, 41.2  2005, 24.1
  • FIA Ratings:  8860-2010, 8860-2015
  • ECE R22.05
  • BS6658-85 Type A/FR, BS6658-85 Type A

For Atlanta Motorsports Park only SA2010 or SA2015 helmet standards are acceptable - any driver planning to drive at AMP will need to have a helmet meeting these standards. There are helmets for rent on site, for somewhere around $40-$50.

Driver Safety Gear
During competition/performance driving events, all drivers must wear close-toed shoes.  Driver’s suits, as outlined in the SCCA Track Trials Rules, are required for Unlimited Class vehicles during on track sessions, they are not required for autocross. At Charlotte Motor Speedway, long sleeves and long pants are also required for any competition or performance driving events.

Release and Waiver
Everyone at an SCCA event must sign a release and waiver form. Targa will only have one waiver for all elements, which teams must sign when they check in. Guest and visitors must sign the waiver at time of facility entry.  For persons who are under 18 years old, or are bringing someone under the age of 18, a Minor Waiver must be used. The form is simple, it just needs to be signed by a parent/guardian. (Notary requirement waived if both parents are present to sign on site.)

Autocross Rules
With the exception of classing, the Autocross elements of Targa will operate within the SCCA Solo Rules. Any cones that are knocked over or out of the box will carry a 2 second penalty and drivers who do not complete the course will be scored with a "DNF." The team with the fastest lap time in each class will be awarded first place points.

Rally Rules
The Rally elements of Targa will operate within the Targa Rally Rules. Teams will be scored on how well they achieved the objectives, as opposed to how they ranked in the event. In other words, if everyone gets it all correct, everyone wins.

Track Rules
With the exception of the addition noted above, Rules and guidelines for the on-track elements of Targa are based upon the SCCA Time Trial Rules.  Experiential, Street, Touring and Production Classes will follow the PDX and Club Trial Rules while the Unlimited Class will follow the rules set forth in the Track Trial Rules.

Sound Policy
Targa will utilize a sound limit of 98 decibels 50 feet from the track edge.  At a minimum, sound will be measured at Atlanta Motorsports Park, though it may be measured at any of the events.  Vehicles that are recorded above the limit will not be allowed to continue in the event until a mechanical change is made to reduce the vehicle’s sound level.

Guests of participants as well as non-participating guests of the event are welcome, completely free of charge.  Guest may ride along with teams between events, provided there is appropriate seating in the vehicle.  Only registered participants may ride along during the Road Rally.

Camera/Drone Policy
The use of action cameras is allowed as long as the camera is solid-mounted. If using a suction-cup type of mount, you must have a secondary tether securing the camera in case the mount becomes loose.  Drones are not allowed at Targa events.

Alcohol and Substance Policy
Targa participants are strictly forbidden from consuming alcohol or other performance altering substances prior to completion of any on track or Rally activities.  This includes, but is not limited to, medication and prescriptions that expressly forbid operating vehicles or heavy machinery.

Event Authority
It is possible that weather or other conditions beyond control could result in changes in the overall Targa plan.  Likewise, there may be judgment calls, eligibility and classing decisions that need to be made.  Most importantly, the menu and beverage selections will need to be made for the Welcome Party and Saturday Night Cook-Out.  For all of these, and others like it, final authority of the event is held by the Targa Master, and decisions thereof are final and binding.