Many of us have seen the disclaimer at the bottom of TV ads which say, "professional driver, closed course" and imagined what it's like to drive on track. With SCCA Track Days and Track Night In America Driven by Tire Rack - both of which fall under the "Track Events Program" - you don’t have to imagine anymore.

SCCA Track Events provide an environment for drivers who simply want to increase the enjoyment of driving their vehicle. For most drivers all it takes to be a part is your safe street car, a valid drivers license and an approved helmet.

That’s it. The goal of an SCCA Track Event isn't to give a high pressure experience and high stakes of "winning." It is to give you a thrilling experience and stories to share, all from an environment which gives everyone a level to feel comfortable. Because SCCA Track Events are not races - any on-track passes are limited to specific passing zones and only with a signal known as a, "point-by."

You will receive some instruction while you’re there. That instruction often comes in the form of how to safely enjoy yourself, rather than how to drive at the limit. Think etiquette, how to learn a driving line, passing zones and general techniques – which may allow you to move from a novice to intermediate or advanced groupings, as you feel comfortable.

There are two different styles of SCCA Track Events. First, regionally hosted "Track Days" which are hosted by regions across the country and may be single-day events, evening sessions, or entire weekends. Second is the nationally-run "Track Night in America driven by Tire Rack" program.