SCCA Regional Road Racing

For the local racer, regional racing provides them with the opportunity to race wheel-to-wheel with their area’s best without traveling across the country. Full of friendly competition, these events are a great place to discover road racing and get started in the sport.Regions often group together to form divisional points championships as well, giving racers a shot at a championship without traveling too far.

Find your region to get started in regional events, or keep reading below for more information.

View Regional Class Participation below:


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*Why have the numbers changed so much? The method by which Regional participation is counted has changed over the years.  For example:  In 2007, participation was counted for each regional sanction numbered issued for a weekend. If there were 4 regional sanction numbers on a single weekend and a driver participated in all regional sanctioned races, he/she would be counted 4 times.   The current method provides 1 regional sanction number per weekend, regardless of the number of races during that weekend.  Each unique driver per class is only counted once per weekend.

SCCA Divisional Championships

The SCCA Divisions themselves determine the criteria to award Division Championship honors to best meet the needs of the participants within their geographic area.  

2020 Qualification Criteria

There will continue to be a path to the Runoffs through a Divisional Championship (not every division may offer a divisional path.)  If the Region below is blue text, they have submitted their 2020 plan.  The Southern Pacific Division does not have a 2020 Divisional path to the Runoffs.In 2020, any driver in a Runoffs eligible class that participates in four eligible divisional championship weekends and finishes in the top three (top five for SRF3 and SM) in the final standings will earn an invitation.

For more information about each Divisional Championships criteria you may contact the designated person below or click on the Division name (if red) for their Rules:

Central Division                   Jack Kolpack          (608) 362-7356
Great Lakes Division           Dan Hodge             (614) 985-6116
Midwest Division                 Rocky Entriken       (785) 827-5143
Northeast Division               Chris Mosley          (973) 723-8069  
Northern Pacific Division     Ken Jones              (425) 338-2198
Rocky Mountain Division    Mark Miller              (719)371-0929
Southeast Division              Jim Creighton         (404) 875-4174 
Southern Pacific Division    Chris Page             (480) 641-5451
                                            Penelope Coy        (760) 247-8077
Southwest Division             Randall Smart        (281) 334-5153,