Date: September 25, 2017 to October 01, 2017
Address: 4790 W 16th St, Indianapolis, IN, 46222

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The SCCA National Championship Runoffs head to Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the first time in 2017. The event is unprecedented for both the Club and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, pitting the amateur National Championship event on an iteration of the same 14-corner, 2.592-mile road course that hosted the Formula One World Championship and the Verizon IndyCar Series’ Grand Prix of Indianapolis. The road course, of course, utilizes part of the famed oval that hosts the Indianapolis 500.

The Runoffs will return to the west coast venue again in 2018, visiting Sonoma Raceway for the first time.

  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway
    4790 W 16th St
    Indianapolis, IN 46222
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    • David Daughtery

      Could we please have a 5:50 start time for bspec on the Friday of the runoffs?  There is plenty of daylight time to do this.  That way t3 and bspec can be separated. 

    • David Daughtery

       Who allowed a schedule with t3 and bspec to be combined?  There is to much speed difference to combine these two classes for a national championship. 

      • ALI SALIH

        That was my initial reaction as well.. But I think it is a bit related to car counts. If we (t3) to group with say T4, it would be nightmare because there are a lot more T4 cars. I think given the combinations of speed and car counts, this fits the best. 

    • Christopher Schaafsma

      In the event and paddock information document found on the 2017 Runoffs page. 

    • Christopher Schaafsma

       I'm confused.

      Entry is $1,125, and we are worried about a record setting attendance.

      Why are we then selling grass paddock spaces as premium?

      Get the entry fee right, and charge a premium for paddock spaces that actually offer a premium (power/air/garage/paved). 

      If we pay to enter, we should be allowed to bring our car closer than a mile (literally) from the rest of the paddock and tech.

    • Eric K Thompson

      The Memorandum sent out on 1/13/2017 seems to be an overly complicated mess that could have been avoided had the 2017 Qualification criteria not completely discounted Majors Events points. 

      The problems I see are as follows;

      • SCCA no longer requires Majors points to qualify
      • But majors points will seed over-registered classes
      • SCCA makes the Divisional drivers kill themselves to qualify by points
      • But the Divisional qualifiers have zero credibility when being seeded in over-registered classes
      • Drivers in over-registered classes risk not being able to race for the championship or at all even

      Someone please correct me if I have misunderstood or misinterpreted something. 

      • Mark Crellin

        IF Indy runoffs were not open to EVERYONE  this issue would not have been created. IF  it was still a Qualify  and invite event car counts wouldn't excepted be sooo high, but SCCA wants all to play in 2017 so this is what we have.