Date: October 08, 2019 to October 13, 2019

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Watch the 2019 Runoffs race broadcasts!

The SCCA National Championship Runoffs will be held at VIRginia International Raceway for the first time.  Qualifying and championship racing for the 56th running of the most prestigious amateur road racing event will be held October 8-13, 2019. 

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    Kurt Breitinger

    Any idea when the on-demand videos will be available here?

    Jim Murphy

    Starting to show up.  For instance, the F5 race is here, watch on a BIG screen -


    I'd really like to see a replay of the first lap collision between Peter Shadowen (#72- Honda CRX), Huffaker (#77 - Midget), and Ermish (#3 - Sentra).

    Dean Collins

    "63 MGB #20


    Does anyone know when (and which network) the runoffs will be replayed on broadcast TV this fall?

    Den Collins

    '63 MGB #20

    Maureen I Harris

    Tuned in and waiting for the Formula F race, I am reminded why (based on past experiences) I tried to avoid scheduling any formula car race (but particularly FFs) to run after a GT-1 or Prod race as oil issues with those groups were almost always guaranteed.  Numerous times we'd be on false grid and the grid workers would walk down the row to tell us where the oil and/or speedi-dry was.

    Stephen R Blethen

    Video feed works fine,  i would just have it as the home screen for SCCA so that anyone that visits can find it rather than clicking through so many pages to get to it.  1 click should be all you need from home page.  It should also be on SCCA facebook page as a sticky as the first post so it can be shared everywhere through social media.  

    In between sessions I like the SCCA logo but instead add a text line that says up next and have a schedule for the rest of the day so people can tune back in.

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