First released in 2017, SCCA continues to offer an on-board driver display tied directly to its segmented live Timing & Scoring program for Hoosier Racing Tire SCCA Super Tour events and the Runoffs.


The driver display is designed to provide information directly to the cockpit of a racecar for drivers to access on a smartphone or similar device. Driver displays show the current overall and class position for the driver, gap to the cars ahead and behind, best lap time, laps and time remaining in the session.


An explanation graphic of the available information is available here.


“We have seen great advances in technology and real-time data availability over the last several years for road racing, from the adoption of transponder technology to the introduction of applications like Race Monitor, Race Hero to our continued development of segmented timing through,” said Eric Prill, SCCA Vice President and COO.  “These are great tools to use, but for many, they are only useful after a session. We have now developed a web-based display that can provide several different data points for drivers in a clear display that can be viewed in their car. It’s like adding a  Timing & Scoring gauge to your dashboard.”


Separate display screens are available for lap time based sessions (practice and qualifying) and race scoring mode. Screens are accessed by visiting and entering a driver’s name as it appears in Timing & Scoring for that event. Once a driver’s name appears in the active session, the screen will become active.


Practice/Qualifying mode

Race Mode


As with all other existing live timing data sources, information displayed on these screens is unofficial, and subject to a slight delay due to cellular broadband usage. As with anything else in the cockpit of a racecar, devices should be solidly mounted in location that is easily viewable and not distracting. The web browser-based displays have been tested across multiple devices and platforms and will size dynamically based on the screen. Users are encouraged to disable any screen lock or savers so that the device doesn’t close the browser during the session, as well as mute notifications by enabling the device's "Do not Disturb" mode.