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2020 General Competition Rules

The 2020 General Competition Rules online are made available by SCCA Road Racing as a courtesy to our entrants, volunteers and anyone interested in learning more about the technical regulations governing SCCA Road Racing. If you would like a copy of the printed GCR, it is available on Amazon. Click here to purchase the 2020 rule book.

Updates to the rule book are made on a monthly basis and can be downloaded for free below. Each update includes Fastrack updates, approved recommended items and Board of Director's decisions.

The 2020 GCR online version is available in Adobe Acrobat format, version 10 or later. Download the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader here.  iPad and iPhone users should save this file in the acrobat reader app, not in ibooks (ibook crashes when trying to use the search feature.)  

SCCA Rule Book

Fastrack News

Technical Bulletins, Rules Changes and Advisories
January Fastrack Preliminary Minutes/Tech Bulletin

01/XX/21 - Preliminary Minutes
01/XX/21 - Preliminary Tech Bulletin

Road Racing Recommended Rule Changes

09/18/2020 - Recommended Rule Changes for 2021

Road Racing Memos

01/09/19- Racing Memo RM 19-01 Classify SMG in AS
04/05/19- Racing Memo RM 19-03 Classify VW GTI in T3
06/11/19- Racing Memo RM 19-04 TA2 Weight
06/28/19- Racing Memo RM 19-05 GT1 Mustang Bodywork
12/31/19- Racing Memo RM 19-06 Elan DP02 Sealed Engine
01/31/20- Racing Memo RM 20-01 PX Spec Lines 

01/31/20- Racing Memo RM 20-02 FM Tire Marking
04/30/20- Racing Memo RM 20-03 Annual Inspection Expiration Extension
04/30/20- Racing Memo RM 20-04 Fire Systems
05/15/20- Racing Memo RM 20-05 Novice Permits at Conference Majors
10/05/20- Racing Memo RM 20-06 E&O to Correct Wording for Level 1 and Level 2 Induction Systems

Road Racing Member Advisories

09/13/19- Member Advisory Memo MA 19-01 Momo Quick Release Adapter Recall
12/20/19- Member Advisory Memo MA 19-02 Oil additives in Gasoline Engines
01/09/20- Member Advisory Memo MA 20-01 Spec Miata Hoosier SM7.5 Effective Date
02/04/20- Member Advisory Memo MA 20-02 Tires and Configuration (VTS) Documents in Touring
02/10/20- Member Advisory Memo MA 20-03 Data Box Mounting Plate for Prototype and Formula cars

Updated Vintage GCR

03/14/17- Vintage GCR