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Labor Rate Guide

Useful for establishing a tear down bond.

Whistler procedure Manual

Checklist for operation of the Katech Whistler used to measure compression ratio

Annual Inspection Form

Use for performing Annual Technical Inspections.

Platform Log
Non-Platform Log

Helpful for logging competitors’ weights.

Instructions for Fuel Testing Kits

These are to be sent to the lab with the fuel.

Fuel Testing Procedures

Official SCCA Fuel Testing Procedures

Fuel Testing Sign

Danger – Fuel Testing NO SMOKING

Lab Fuel Test Forms

Forms used for sending fuel to the laboratory

Procedural Acknowledgement

Required for SCCA fuel testing.

Fuel Testing Log

Helpful for logging fuel testing results.

Track Fuel Posting Template

Template for posting track fuel testing results.

Fuel Testing Slip for Driver

Template for fuel testing result slip for driver.

Fuel Bottle Labels

Template for labeling fuel test bottles (use with 3 1/2" diskette labels).

FIA Techlist No. 12

List of Seats homologated to the FIA 8855-1999 standard. Also lists the type of supports to be used.

Comp. Ratio Official Worksheet (non-SM)

Used for calculating non-Spec Miata compression ratio.

Comp. Ratio Worksheet (SM)

Used for calculating Spec Miata 1.8L compression ratio.

Cam Lobe Checking Procedure

Procedure for checking FV and FF camshafts.

Temp. Correction Factor Charts

Used with a P&G gauge.

Impound Plan Sheet (Write-In)
Impound Plan Sheet (Fill-in)

Useful for detailing impound plans.

Impound Log (Write-in)
Impound Log (Fill-in)

Helpful for logging inpound results.

Formula Continental
Zetec Engines

How To Use Pectel DESCProW to Flash and Verify Pectel ECU's

For issues relating to these technical forms, please contact the Road Racing Technical Department.