What is the Runoffs Appearance Fund?

The Runoffs Appearance Fund launched in 2019 is a "re-imagined", modern version of the former "Tow Fund" that existed until 2015. The Runoffs Appearance Fund is a driver-funded contingency program to support competitors achieving success throughout the SCCA® U.S. Majors Tour® in their efforts to attend the National Championship Runoffs®. 

Who is eligible to receive a Runoffs Appearance payout?

Runoffs participants that finish atop a U.S. Majors Tour Conference points championship or in the Hoosier Racing Tire SCCA Super Tour points standings. The number of positions paid will be determined by the average car count per class throughout the U.S. Majors Tour season, calculated by dividing the total participation for a class by the total number of Majors events for the season. The Runoffs Appearance Fund will pay more drivers for classes that average more entries over the Majors season, thus providing more support to the classes that contributed more to the fund. 

How does it work?

Twenty dollars of each Majors entry will go toward the fund. At the end of season, after the Runoffs has completed, the entire fund will be distributed to drivers based on their finish in one of the six Conference Championships (Northeast, Southeast, Northern, Southern, Mid-States and Western) or the Hoosier Super Tour points standings prior to the Runoffs. Actual payout amount will vary based on one-way distance “as the crow flies” from a driver’s home address to the Runoffs venue. Drivers within 300 miles of a Runoffs venue will not be eligible to receive a fund payout. The maximum paid mileage will be capped at 3000 miles. 

Avg. Entries Per                      Number of Positions Paid from

Majors Event               Each Majors Conf./Super Tour Points Standings

0 – 1.9                                                             1

2.0 – 3.9                                                          2                                                

4.0 – 5.9                                                          3

6.0 – 7.9                                                          4                                                

8.0 – 9.9                                                          5

10.0 – 11.9                                                      6                                                

12.0 – 13.9                                                      7

14.0 – 15.9                                                      8                                                

16.0 – 17.9                                                      9

18.0 +                                                             10                                              

As an example, if a class averages 8.3 entries per event, the top five drivers from each Majors Conference and the Hoosier Super Tour (regular season) standings would be eligible to receive a Runoffs Appearance Fund payout based on their one-way mileage to Road America. A driver may only receive one payout per class, so if they finished in the top five in two conferences and the Hoosier Super Tour, they would only receive one payment. As was the case with the previous Tow Fund, the total amount in the fund escrow is divided by the total number of one-way miles of eligible drivers to determine a one-way, per-mile rate. Eligible drivers will receive the payment after the Runoffs event. A completed W-9 form is required to receive your payment.