SCCA Race Experience vehicle eligibility is designed to be inclusive, with a broad range of modifications allowed to mass-produced production vehicles, and some exceptions for purpose-built racecars.

There will be a link to the full rules at the bottom - but at a glance, this is what makes a vehicle eligible for SCCA Race Experience Events:

1) These events are for cars prepared for wheel-to-wheel racing. This means a roll cage, a racing seat, racing harnesses, etc. These cars will need substantial safety modifications.

2) They need to be a "car." Basically this means at least four wheels. Trikes and other 3-wheel vehicles like those found at the local motorcycle dealer are not eligible. In addition - vehicles with a high center of gravity (some trucks and SUVs) are not eligible.  

3) There is a general performance limit for these cars. The fastest road racing cars are not appropriate for this level of racing. Generally, vehicles should not be faster per lap than SCCA Sprint Road Racing
Touring 2 class or about a 7:1 HP to weight Ratio.

4) For the majority of cars, they should be production-based. This means factory race cars, or professional racing cars including TCR, GT4, carbon chassis, and big-bore tube frame cars like Trans Am or NASCAR race cars are not appropriate.

There are some exceptions - SCCA Spec Racer Ford may be allowed to compete (check specific event rules) along with small-bore tube-frame cars and factory production replica. (E.g., a Cobra replica.) Some events may also have a group for Formula Cars and Sports Racers, but like sedans - pro chassis like Formula Atlantic and the fastest Formula/Sports racers are not appropriate.

To explore the full vehicle eligibility and detailed descriptions of the required modifications,click the link below and read Section 3 (pg. 7) of the Race Experience Rules.


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