Race Experience Officials

In its most simplistic terms, the Racing Experience Programs (Club and Endurance Race Experience) offers SCCA regions an opportunity to grow their programs by reaching out to new audiences and inviting those who may have dialed back their SCCA participation.

Race Experience vehicles only need to meet the minimum wheel-to-wheel safety requirements. (very close to GCR 9.3) but no medical or SCCA Racing license is needed (only a full/annual membership).

To be successful, a Race Experience event requires time, commitment, and a welcoming attitude by all who interact with these participants. It needs to showcase the best SCCA has to offer new participants, offer instruction and coaching not just to those who are new, but to all those participating.  

The full rules for organizers and officials can be found in Appendix A (Pg. 56) and Appendix B (Pg. 63) of the rules linked below, but this page will highlight event-hosting criteria.


Race Experience Highlights:

  • Is first and foremost an “easy access” racing program – providing for the new racer, or existing racer with a more casual approach than one might see in a Runoffs-bound SCCA Majors participant.

  • Designed to operate within an existing Road Race Weekend or Regional Road Racing program, using SCCA Road Race Licensed officials.

  • Has specific rules for Endurance Experience – capturing the essence of the “low buck” Endurance programs run by other sanctioning bodies.

  • With approval from the National Office, Race Experience Events can operate with Time Trials and Track Event Officials.

  • All events are required to have Driver Coach position(s) and should offer school-level coaching for those without previous wheel-to-wheel experience; or anyone with experience who would like a refresher.

  • Includes provisions to encourage consistent, controlled driving – including mandatory driver-coach visits for offs/spins, mandatory contact impound, and a “13-13” rule for at-fault drivers.
  • Vehicle Preparation Rules have been focused on only those requirements for safety – while there are some performance-limits that determine what is eligible, Race Experience is focused on broad participation, and not the balance of performance for many specific classes like the GCR provides.

  • Other SCCA Specialties like Emergency Services, Tech Inspectors, Time & Scoring, Flagging & Communications, etc., operate like an SCCA Road Racing Event.

  • Event sanctioning, reporting, and auditing works much as it does for SCCA Road Racing.


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