Date: November 03, 2023 to November 05, 2023
Address: 5300 Winder Hwy, Braselton, GA, 30517-1710

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Ways to Play

Road Race

SCCA Road Racing is wheel-to-wheel, side by side, first one to the finish line is the winner automobile racing – driven, officiated and staffed by Club members. The American Road Race of Champions was first held in 1964, and it's been a ton of fun for a lot of drivers since then. This year, we'll add even more to that roster. Are you ready to take the wheel at this year's AARC?


This year, there will also be a 3.5-hour Endurance Race on Sunday, Nov. 5 — The Atlanta 200 Endurance Race. It's open to weekend and full SCCA members, but a Racing License – or Experience – is not required. Drivers just need to meet basic Eligibility, a car that passes Safety Regulations, and have driver gear meeting SCCA Road Racing Specifications.


  • Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta
    5300 Winder Hwy
    Braselton, GA 30517-1710