Enduro Drivers & Driver Licensing

SCCA Team Enduro is designed to be an access point for wheel-to-wheel racing open to drivers of all experience levels including those without formal racing licenses or wheel-to-wheel experience.

Questions on licensing? Check out this step-by-step guide on the Enduro Licensing process

1. Enduro Driver Requirements

1. Current Annual Membership in the SCCA.

2. Valid government-issued driver’s license.

A. Minor drivers with an SCCA Full Competition License who are not eligible for their government-issued driver’s license are not required to have one. 

3. One of the following Licenses: 

A. SCCA Enduro Rookie, Enduro Provisional or Euduro Competition License.

B. SCCA Full Competition License.

C. SCCA Road Racing Novice Permit, and minimum track experience matching the Enduro Rookie License requirement.

D. An accepted alternate license (listed below).

4. Meet the requirements for medical fitness, which are as follows:

A. A completed SCCA Physician’s Examination and Medical History Form, a valid Federal Aviation Authority Class 1, Class 2, or Class 3 Medical Certificate or a completed FAA BasicMed From (FAA 8700-2 Comprehensive Medical Examination Checklist), or a complete NASA approved Medical Evaluation form. For the purposes of SCCA competition licensing, the term “form” refers to any of these.

B. The form must be submitted:

1. every 5 years for applicants ages 14-39.

2. every 3 years for applicants ages 40-49.

3. every 2 years for applicants ages 50-69.

4. every year for applicants aged 70 and above.

C. The examination date cannot be more than 6 months before the Enduro License application date unless:

1. The driver has a current SCCA Medical Form on file with the National Office which would make them eligible for renewal of an SCCA Competition, Vintage or Road Racing Novice Permit License.

D. SCCA Physician’s Examination and Medical History Forms are available from Regions, the National Office, and on SCCA’s website, www.scca.com.

2. Minor Driver Requirements

The SCCA defines a Minor as an individual between 14 years and the age of majority as determined by the law in the state of the individual’s residence (typically 18 years old, but it may vary). A Minor may apply for an SCCA Enduro License.

1. A Minor applicant must submit the following to the National Office:

A. A completed Annual Parental Consent, Release and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement and a completed Minor’s Assumption of Risk Acknowledgement (note: forms vary by state and witnessing method). This document must be filed annually until the Minor achieves the age of majority in his state.

2. Minor drivers from ages 14-15 must have an SCCA Full Competition License.

3. Minor drivers ages 16 and up must meet the requirements for their state-issued driver’s license as well as all required minor documentation.

Enduro License Levels
SCCA Enduro Licenses are divided into levels signifying verified and observed on-track experience. Enduro events may restrict drivers to specific levels, and those restrictions will be noted in the Event Information, sometimes known as, “Supplemental Regulations.”

1. Enduro Rookie License
The Enduro Rookie license is for those with limited-to-no wheel-to-wheel racing experience. Enduro Rookie License holders must also:

1. Have at least three days of observed on-track driving in a Track Day/Track Event/Time Trials environment and progressed to an “Intermediate” or “Solo” level.

A. There are many names for Intermediate Level driving – some track day programs will call this “Solo Approved” or have specific colors associated with it. The guideline is that a driver should have gotten beyond basic classrooms and demonstrated consistent awareness and reactions to flags and traffic environments.

2. Complete the required online courses on intro to road racing and SCCA Endurance Racing.

3. Attend the Rookie Drivers meetings and periodically meet with driver mentors on their own or as assigned at the events for coaching, learning strategies and goal setting.

4. Drivers may continue to race on an Enduro Rookie License if they wish; however, to progress to an Enduro Driver License, a Rookie driver must successfully and consistently demonstrate the skills listed in 3.3.1 below.

5. Drivers with an Enduro Rookie License are not eligible for the Enduro National Championships, but shall be allowed at all other Enduro Events including the Enduro National Tour.

2. Enduro Provisional License
The Enduro Provisional License is for drivers that have experience in wheel-to-wheel road-race style racing but do not have a formal license. Drivers assigned this license must:

1. Complete the required online courses on intro to road racing and SCCA Endurance Racing.

2. Have documented experience in other wheel-to-wheel racing.

3. Drivers may continue to race on an Enduro Provisional License as long as they wish; however, to progress to an Enduro Driver License, a Provisionally licensed driver must successfully and consistently demonstrate the skills listed in 3.3.1 below.

3. Enduro Driver License
An Enduro Driver License is for drivers who have completed the required online courses on intro to road racing and SCCA Endurance Racing, have a current, accepted Competition License from the SCCA or alternately accepted sanctioning body, or have progressed through the SCCA Enduro Licensing program.

1. To progress to an Enduro Driver License, a Rookie or Provisionally licensed driver must consistently avoid on-track issues, infractions and other incidents and successfully demonstrate:

A. A clear understanding of the driving/racing line.

B. A clear understanding of racing etiquette.

C. Predictable, courteous behavior in racing traffic.

D. Produce lap times within 115% of the fastest driver sharing that car in the race.

E. Have no on-track issues, infractions, or other incidents.

4. Accepted Alternate Licenses/Experience:

1. SCCA Full Competition License

2. BMW CCA Club Racing Full Competition

3. Confederation of Autosport Car Clubs (CACC) Competition

4. FIA Issued by any sanctioning body

5. Historic Sportscar Racing (HSR) HSR License

6. ICSCC Area Road Racing or International Road Racing licenses


8. Midwestern Council of Sports Car Clubs (MCSCC) Full and Novice permit

9. Miller Motorsports Park Racing Association Full Competition License

10. NASA Full Competition

11. Ontario Region CASC Regional

12. Porsche Club of America Full Competition

13. SCCA Pro Racing or SCCA Vintage

14. Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA)

15. Vintage Auto Racing Association Full Competition

16. Vintage Motorsports Council (VMC) and VMC member organizations. A list of organizations can be found here: http://the-vmc.com/.

17. Waterford Hills Road Racing Club Full and Novice permit

18. West Canada Motorsport Association Amateur

19. Eastern Motor Racing Association (EMRA) Competition License.

20. Atlantic Region Motor Sports (ARMS) Regional Competition License

21. Grand American Road Racing Association (Grand-Am)

22. Autobahn Country Club Level 1/Level 2

23. Independent Motorsports Group (IMG)

24. Indy Car MX-5 Cup License