Date: June 14, 2019 to June 16, 2019
Location: Road America

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The summer of 1956 was the first full season of racing at Road America, and it included the Chicago Region June Sprints. That first running of the June Sprints was part of the SCCA National Sports Car Championship, a series that determined the SCCA Champions prior to the now-familiar Runoffs. The June Sprints has been held every year at Road America since 1956, possibly making it the longest consecutively held road race in America. And in 2020, Road America will again host the SCCA National Championship Runoffs®!


Group 3 Results: P1, FC, FE, FE2, FM - 2019 June Sprints Hoosier Super Tour

Group 4 Results: GT1, GT2, GT3, GTX, T1, AS - 2019 June Sprints Hoosier Super Tour

Group 6 Results: EP, FP, HP, GTL, B-Spec - 2019 June Sprints Hoosier Super Tour

Group 8 Results: T2, T3, T4, STL, STU - 2019 June Sprints Hoosier Super Tour


2019 June Sprints Hoosier Super Tour News

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    Jim Murphy

    Because of the inadequate race reporting:


    As usual, Calvin Stewart did not race on Saturday as this is his Sabbath so he started the Sunday race at the back of the pack.  Since he had forgotten to wear his yellow glasses to see through the rain spray it took Calvin longer to move up through the pack to run down the F5 leader, Jason Martin.  All during this rain race there were many cars going off keeping the emergency trucks busy pulling them out.  Near the end of the race Calvin finally caught Jason and passed him to take the lead.

    Aaron Ellis was on the pole by having the fastest lap from Saturday but elected to start in the back next to Calvin Stewart since it was raining because he had intermediate rain tires and assumed that the others had full rain tires required for this much rain.  As Aaron felt more comfortable on each lap he started running faster before he locked up the rear brakes going into Turn 3 and got stuck in the gravel trap.  He was pulled out and continued but he had lost two laps during his off.

    Jason Martin impressed all weekend long with his speed running against two of the F500’s top runners – Calvin Stewart and Aaron Ellis – in only his first few races in this car.  Jason led most of the Sunday rain race with lap times about the same as the gaining Calvin Stewart but he was having chain issues all weekend (see Saturday race - )  and it started racheting again on the rear sprocket, so he had to slow down allowing Calvin Stewart by late in the race and then the chain fell off ending his race 2 laps down (See Sunday race -  ).

    Calvin won and finished 7th overall on the lead lap, 2nd was Justin Gaver who was a lap back, 3rd was Jason Martin, 4th was Darrell Greening and 5th was Aaron Ellis – all three were two laps down.


    I encourage other classes to post their race report here and keep doing it until HQ notices.

    Maybe one day, HQ will learn from its own Solo dept. and assign volunteer workers to do the race report (like above which is more than just regurgitating the race results) like it is done at the Solo National Championship where every class is covered.  SIGH . . . .

    David S Dewhurst

    What is so difficult to get the videos to match the current race. Do we need another V.P. on social media?

    Cliff White

    Does anyone know what "Touring" is on the schedule that comes during lunch?

    David S Dewhurst

    Is anyone receiving production qualifying timing and scoring?