Date: January 06, 2017 to January 08, 2017

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About an hour south of Miami Beach, Homestead-Miami Speedway is a 14-turn, 2.21-mile road course. The venue has 1005 palm trees of 15 different varieties, and the entire speedway landscape weighs an estimated 10 billion pounds.

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    Jeff R.

    Where can you find qualifying speeds from today ?

    Michael Donohue

    The fact it is an hour south of civilization , not many places close by to stay and who cares about all that landscaping, I wanted to go becauseof THE RACING , but no way will I drop $650 to tow all the way down there for a simple MAJOR ! PBIR at $450 or so and I and many others I know WOULD had gone.

    Preston C. Calvert

    The Homestead event is fun and seems pretty well-attended.  We never have much trouble finding rooms close by at prices that are similar to those further north.  Come on down and join us!

    Kevin S Kann

    Michael not sure the last time you were here in Homestead but three new hotels have been build in the last year. Just at exit 2 there are 3 properties to stay at. Plus Florida city has over 5 at US1 and 344. We have many chain restaurants as well as excellent private owned places. Not sure what you else you need but you can also be in Cocnut Grove in 40 minutes and Key Largo in 30. PBIR is only an hour and 20 minutes north of Homestead.