The below steps will walk you through the process to register for an SCCA National Enduro event on MotorsportReg.com (MSR). If you'd rather, you can watch a video tutorial to help you along. 

Step #1 
(Captains + Drivers)

Login to MSR/Create an Account & Update Your Profile

If you already have an MSR account, simply use the button below to sign into your account. If you do not yet have an account, use this opportunity to create one, using the button below. Then, ensure that all of your personal information is up to date, including your SCCA Membership Number.


Step #2
(Captains + Drivers)

Add a Membership to Your MSR Profile

To register for this event, all drivers will need to have "SCCA - National - Enduro" as a membership in their MSR accounts. Adding it is easy.

  1. Visit your MSR account (choose the correct profile, if prompted)

  2. Under the "Memberships" table, click "Add Memberships"

  3. On the next page, click "Add clubs to account" in the upper left

  4. Find "SCCA - National - Enduro" and click "add" next to it in the table

  5. Enter your information on the next page and Save

That's it for Team Drivers!
Team Captains must continue to Step #3. 

Step #3
(Captains Only)

Update Your Vehicle Garage

As the Team Captain, it will be your job to register for the event. That means you'll need to have the car you plan to drive in the Enduro event saved in your MSR garage. You can add it in your account.


Step #4
(Captains Only)

Create an MSR Team Profile

In order to register for a Team Enduro, you'll need a Team Name and an MSR profile. Simply click the button below.

In the form, enter "TEAM" for "First Name." Under "Last Name," enter your team name. For example, "Team Enduro" would enter a last name of "Enduro." You'll use your personal information for any other required fields in the form. When you're done, make sure to save the profile using the button at the bottom of the form. 


Step #5
(Captains Only)

Add a Membership to Your Team's MSR Profile

This is a critical step, so don't miss it!
Follow the directions in Step #3 to add the "SCCA - National - Enduro" membership to your new Team Profile

Step #6
(Captains Only)

Register Your Team for the Event

Team Captains are the only ones that complete event registration on MSR. You must register with your personal profile, and in the process you will then select your team from the registration options. You will need car, class, number and your Team Name profile you created in Step #5. Entering the drivers is optional, as you may go back and add additional drivers at any time. Below is a quick 4-minute walk through of the registration process, as well as a link to SCCA National Enduro events.  


Note: each of your drivers must be an SCCA Member and have a MSR profile. If your drivers are missing either, you'll receive a reminder email until they complete those steps.