Already have an SCCA Full Competition License?

Great. Then you don’t need to apply for an Enduro License. We just ask that you watch the “SCCA Team Enduro: Workshop 2” presentation.

Don't have a Full Competition License?

No problem. You’ll just need to have reached a "solo" or "intermediate" level at track days or drivers education events and then apply for an Enduro License. Depending on your experience you can apply for an SCCA Enduro Rookie, Enduro Provisional or Enduro Full License. You can do that by following the steps below. You'll find details on each step further down the page. 

  1. Have or sign up for an Annual SCCA Membership
  2. Download the SCCA Medical and Racing Resume Forms
  3. Complete the forms
  4. Upload the forms into your Member Account Portal (MAP)
  5. Watch the SCCA Enduro Workshop videos 
  6. Submit your SCCA Enduro License Application

Detailed License Process

Step #1

Have or Sign up for an Annual SCCA Membership

Visit my.scca.com to ensure your SCCA Annual Membership is current, or to join. You'll either log in with your member number, or sign up for a new account to join.  


Step #2

Download the SCCA Medical and Racing Resume Forms

You can do so by clicking the buttons below, or find them in the Member Account Portal by clicking on “Member Resources” and navigating to the “Filing Cabinet.” Then scroll down to the Road Racing Forms and Reference and download the two documents.


Step #3

Complete the Forms

Fill out the Racing Resume Form. Then, have your physician perform an examination and fill out the Medical Form. 

Step #4

Upload the Forms to MAP

Once your forms are complete, upload them to the "My Documents" section of your MAP.

Step #5

Watch the Enduro Workshop Videos

Watch the two introductory workshop videos on SCCA Enduro Racing. The first is titled "SCCA Enduro Workshop 1" (For drivers who have not raced wheel-to-wheel) and "SCCA Enduro Workshop 2" (for new drivers who have finished the first workshop, and experienced drivers who have never run an SCCA Enduro event).


Step #6

Submit your SCCA Enduro License Application

You can complete this step before Step #4, but your license won't be processed until everything is in place. To submit your application, just click the button below. You'll be taken to the Online Store in MAP. Then simply select the appropriate Enduro License and click "Add to Cart." Checkout and pay the $40 fee for the license.

Once all of the above steps are complete, we will evaluate to ensure you meet the criteria and process your license.