Please see below for information regarding Impound, Scales, & Protests for the 2023 Tire Rack SCCA Solo National Championships.


Impound for each class will be in their respective Grids. All competition vehicles will be impounded per Solo rules 6.10 to assure that competitors have complied with the SCCA National Solo Rules and Supplementary Regulations for the event. Car information and appropriate decal placement will be verified by Impound workers.

Compliance Inspections

Targeted compliance inspections at the Solo Nationals may take place during the Impound period in Grid after each heat concludes. Competitors must be prepared to make their car ready for such inspections by being able to safely jack one side of the car up and remove a front and rear wheel. Competitors need to come to Grid prepared for such inspections and are responsible for removal and reinstallation of components as required and must use proper tools/equipment (e.g. jack, jack stands to support raised vehicle, and necessary tools for wheel removal).

The following categories will be required to remove a front and rear wheel from one side of the vehicle after completion of competition runs on the first day (Tuesday/Thursday) for the class:

  • Street
  • Street Touring
  • SSC
  • Street Prepared
  • Street Modified
Release from Impound

Drivers are to remain in the Grid/Impound until specifically RELEASED. NOTE: Distribution of results is not the official release. After Timing and Impound have agreed to the official TIME of release, Impound will signal "Impound is released."


All Street Modified, Prepared, Modified, CAM and Xtreme Street category vehicles will be weighed after running. Drivers should look for Impound workers to direct them to the scales. Please be aware of other vehicles to be weighed and enter/exit the scales safely and without unnecessary delay.

Drivers of Street Modified and Prepared cars will need to exit the vehicle when weighing. CAM/Xtreme Street, Modified and Kart vehicles should remain seated in the vehicle.

Disabled vehicles (DNS, DNF, etc.) are still require to proceed to the scales promptly, drivers should notify IMPOUND right away of their disabled status. Failure to report to the scales when directed may result in penalties.


For complete Protest & Appeals regulations, please see Sections 8 & 10 of the SCCA Solo Rulebook.

Protests at Solo Nationals will be filed electronically by scanning a QR code or visiting The QR code will be available at Tech, Timing Trailers, and Protest Tent, or by contacting a Chief Steward. The online form submission will go directly to the Chief of Protest and will be distributed as required. Competitors must ensure that their on-site contact information is listed on the Protest Form so the Protest Committee is able to reach them with a decision.