Summit Racing Equipment Named SCCA Road Racing Sponsor

TOPEKA, Kan. (March 7, 2017) – The Sports Car Club of America® announced today that Summit Racing Equipment has been named sponsor of the SCCA® Road Racing program.  With this agreement, SCCA’s amateur road racing activities -- which include Regional, U.S. Majors Tour®, Hoosier Racing Tire Super Tour and the National Championship Runoffs® -- now fall within the Summit Racing Equipment SCCA Road Racing program.

“Summit Racing Equipment has supported SCCA racers with a great contingency program for years, and we're excited to expand that relationship,” said Eric Prill, SCCA Vice President and COO.  “From parts to tools and safety gear, Summit is a great source for almost anything an SCCA racer needs!”

Summit Racing Equipment SCCA Road Racing decals will replace previous Club Racing stickers and will be required on every SCCA race car.  One sticker will appear on the front of cars, and one on each side. New decals are available, free of charge to racers, through the SCCA national office and at SCCA Club Racing events.

Along with sponsorship of the SCCA Road Racing program, Summit Racing Equipment continues to support U.S. Majors Tour® racers with a contingency program. In 2017, Summit Racing Equipment will award a $100 product certificate to winners in all classes, and a $50 product certificate to those finishing second.

"We’ve received such a positive response to our participation in the SCCA contingency program over the last several years,” said Summit Racing Equipment Motorsports and Events Manager Jim Greenleaf.  “The opportunity to expand our support to SCCA racers through the title sponsorship of the SCCA Road Racing program was a natural progression.”

For more information about Summit Racing Equipment, visit  For more information about SCCA Club Racing, visit

About Summit Racing Equipment
Based in Tallmadge, Ohio, Summit Racing Equipment has set and reset the standard for fast shipping, customer service, and tech expertise for over 40 years. Since the beginning, the company followed a simple formula: Give customers the parts they want at a fair price, deliver those parts fast, and back them with the best customer service on the planet.  Learn more at

About the Sports Car Club of America:
The Sports Car Club of America®, Inc., founded in 1944, is a 67,500-member motorsports organization that incorporates all facets of autocross, rally and road racing at both club and professional levels. With headquarters in Topeka, Kansas, the SCCA annually sanctions over 2,000 events through its 116 Regions and subsidiary divisions. Much of the SCCA’s activities are made possible with support from the following Official Partners: Chevrolet, the Official Truck of the SCCA; Hawk Performance, the Official Brake Products of SCCA; Mobil 1, the Official Oil of SCCA; Sunoco, the Official Fuel of SCCA; and Tire Rack, the Official Tire Retailer of SCCA. To learn more, please visit

Paul J Pineider

I personally like Summit, but it would have been nice if they sent us some. Hopefully they have some at the track as SCCA Gear looks only to have the old one. 

Paul J Pineider

I found it, looking under gear, I have some being shipped. 

Aaron J. Deer

I have a regional only car. I see no contigency for regionals. I still have to advertise Summit on my car. Please ell me how this benifits the regional program?

Joe Camilleri

One thing. At the Runoffs I needed a new temp gauge and went over to the giant Summit display trailer. They were very helpful but couldn't order anything in. It was only a display trailer, they had no stock and couldn't bring anything in. At least have a computer with wifi and a UPS address to take orders and have next day delivery.

Jason Stine

Especially when their retail store is 70 miles away...

Chuck McAbee

So when do the new stickers get mailed out?

Paul F Jensen

No I didn't get the memo. I just read the memo and I don't see the referenced figure 5?

Dirk Johnson

I'm not with SCCA, don't shot the post man. We're talking about on another site. Feel your pain. The other sticker is supposed to come off fairly easy. I can only assume fig 2 and 3 and 5 are not changing.

Matthew S. Blehm

Yes, they're going to ask you to remove the 2-week old Saferacer Club Racing sticker and replace it with the Summit sticker.  They gave me new ones this weekend during the practice day at NOLA.  I had some technical difficulties during the practice day and forgot to put the new stickers on.

While I was in impound for Saturday's race, someone changed mine for me.  The good news is that the new-ish stickers peel off easily and left no residue.

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