Junior Driver Program (JDP)

The Junior Driver Program is unlike any other in SCCA Solo. It was started with the philosophy that having children compete at Solo events would allow families to participate in and enjoy the autocross experience together. The three classes of the Junior Driver Program is determined by age.

  • Formula Junior A (JA) (12-15-year-olds)
  • Formula Junior B (JB) (8-12-year-olds)
  • Formula Junior C (JC) (5-8-year-olds)

JDP Rules (includes overview and kart allowances)


A licensed JDP Youth Steward, JDP Tech Inspector, and JDP Course Designer are required at any event with a Formula Junior running. 

Each region is approved to run JA at their Solo events. To be approved for JB or JC a region must have recent experience running Formula Junior karts and must contact the National Office for approval (solo@scca.com). Here are the important documents for JDP Training:

Quick Reference