Targa Official Staff Positions

Targa Master
The Targa Master is the event Chief Steward.  While the job description includes dealing with challenges that come up, making judgment calls, and managing disputes, the real function of the Targa Master is to ensure that things are fair and that everyone has an opportunity to have a good time. 

Competition Director
The Competition Director will manage all competition aspects of the event.  This includes but is not limited to points management, run order and groups, and course management.

Tech Chief
The Tech Chief oversees the Technical Inspection process at the beginning of the event, but also monitors vehicles and their performance throughout the event.  The Tech Chief can, and will re-inspect any vehicle that has had mechanical issues or experienced an off-course excursion during the event.  Along with the Targa Master, the Tech Chief will approve all vehicle classings.

Novice Coach
The Novice Coach will work with those signed up for the Novice Experience, as well as anyone else who is looking for a few more pointers here and there.  Duties include: leading course walks, post session debriefs as well as providing driving technique and etiquette tips.

Social Director
The Social Director is in charge of parties, experiential awards, the Car Show and management of the grill master.

Grill Master
The Grill Master is in charge of the grill and all items placed upon it.

Rally Master
The Rally Master is in charge of everything that happens during the RoadRally. If you end up in a canoe, and you hear banjos, there is a good chance the Rally Master “helped” you get there.

Social Media Czar
The Social Media Czar monitors the event activities via SCCA.com and Social Media sites, shares the best content and awards teams make-up points.  The Social Media Czar also lives in a cave, wears footie pajamas and eats ice cream for breakfast.  Also, the SMC may or may not be an actual person. 

Lead Team
The Lead Team is entasked with getting to each venue ahead of the group and ensuring things are ready to go.  The lead team is led by the Targa Master and Social Director.

Chase Team
The Chase Team separates the trash from the recycling, settles any outstanding tabs and will wait with you until your buddy with the truck and trailer gets there.  Probably.