Targa Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I do Targa?
Because you have always wanted to do a marathon, but hate running. Because, if one automotive event per weekend is good, six must be great. Because you like a challenge. Because you love having fun with cars.

I have never done anything like this before, can I do Targa?
Absolutely. If this is your first ever performance driving event, we highly recommend (and perhaps insist), that you sign up for the Novice Experience. The Novice Experience will let you do everything that everyone else does, but with the guidance and facilitation of the Novice Coach. If it turns out, you don’t need the help, no problem, we can bump you up to Intermediate/Advanced, but Novice is definitely the place to start.

Where do I sleep?
There are three nights you should plan lodging: Thursday, August 11th (Concord, NC), Friday, August 12th (Dawsonville, GA) and Saturday, August 13th (Memphis, TN). Since we don’t know your budget or personal comfort needs, we are going to let you handle this one. Get a room, share a room, sack-out in the car... your call. Note: We will look into camping at each facility if anyone is interested.

For those looking to include hotel packages with their entry, please look at the following products which can be added to your Targa entry:

Is my car eligible? 

The vast majority of road-going vehicles are eligible for Targa. Terms and conditions for convertibles and highly modified cars are spelled out in the rules and regs, and vehicles such as trucks, minivans, and SUVs must be wider than they are tall. 

How do the points work?
You do well, you get more points, you do poorly, you get less. Fun will be awarded evenly, regardless of a team’s point total.

What if I don’t care about competition?
Fantastic. Sign up for Targa Experience. Your team will get a few more runs than the competition teams and there will be some special awards here and there just for the folks who sign up just for fun.

Wait, you are going to let a car with a cold air intake run in a street class?
Yup. It’s not quite subjective classing, though. There are classes based upon Autocross classes but we are not going to bump a car up a class because of a single modification that would otherwise be disallowed.

Does the SEB Know about this?
We sent a memo, not sure if they got it.

Will my life change if I win?
It will. You can add this to your professional resume and it should be mentioned on first dates. Your neighbors will look at you differently and your dad will finally tell you that he is proud of you.

Can I go it alone?
Nope. Road Rally rules dictate that two people must be in the car for that element, ergo, it takes two to Targa. Find a friend, or make a friend, Targa is a team sport.

What happens if I crash or break?
Ultimately, it’s the competitor’s responsibility to create a contingency plan for Targa. We recommend bringing whatever spares and tools you can, and it is probably a good idea to let your buddy who has a truck and trailer know what you are up to that weekend, just in case. That said, we will do all that we can to get you back on the road or back home, even if it means we have to call our buddy with a truck. But, you’re gonna owe him, big time.

Do I need to get numbers for my car?
Competition teams are required to run numbers.  Class designations will be provided. If you have numbers, great. If you want to get some on your own, that’s fine too. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle, however, you can order them with your event entry and pick up at check in. Entries with number orders must be received before August 1st.

How’s this whole “Co-driver/Teammate” thing work?
The teammate dynamic is up to you to manage.  You can split events or have a performance driver and a support driver, or anything in between.

Are you guys nuts?
That’s for us to know, and you to find out.