Targa Scoring


The best way to think of Targa Competition is similar to a marathon. While some are trying to win, most are just looking to set a personal best. Teams will be compared to establish baselines for scoring, and there will be class wins for those inclined to chase. However, for most the game is about getting as many points as you can, earning a medal and coming back next time to try to beat your best. Keep in mind, the Targa staff and officials are here to facilitate you having fun with cars and to help you maximize your points. There are no "gotchas." We are here to make sure you have fun.


For competition teams, Targa elements are all about getting points. There are 10 points paying opportunities consisting of four performance events (Track and Autocross), four compulsory events (Tech, Track Night and Arrivals), as well as points for the Rally and a peer judged car show.

Percentage Based Points
For the performance events, points are awarded based on percentage with the winner of each element earning 100 points and the rest of the teams in the class getting a percentage based upon margin.  This is determined by dividing the winning score by you score (WS/YS=%).  For example, if the winning time in the autocross is 60.000, that team would get 100 points.   A team that scored a time of 60.001 would get 99.99 points and a team that scored a time of 61.000 would get 98.36 points.

Objective: Pass Tech, have all your stickers on correctly, don’t be a jerk.
Payout: Pass/Fail, and fail means this will be your only event.

Event Arrival(s)
Objective: Be on time.
Payout: Teams present for the morning roll call will get full points, teams that are late will lose 5 points.

Objective: 3 runs to post the team’s best time. Go fast, stay clean.
Payout: Fastest in each class gets 100 points, everyone else scored on percentage.

Track Session
Objective: Stay on track, be excellent to each other, have fun.
Payout: 100 points for everyone who completes their sessions without a black flag, 10 point deduction for the first Black Flag, 20 points for the second.  There will not be an opportunity for a third.  Black Flags will be issued for off course excursions, spins, unsafe driving or a general lack of situational awareness.  These rules are not intended to be a “gotcha” in any shape form or fashion; there is no joy in a Black Flag for anyone.

Time Trial
Objective: Teams will have two 20-minute sessions to post their best single lap time.
Payout: Fastest in each class gets 100 points, everyone else scored on percentage.

Road Rally
Objective: Stay on time for the first 15-20 minutes of the Rally and answer all of the questions correctly from there.  Oh, and don’t get lost.
Payout: Scoring will be based upon individual performance and graded on a curve, with the top teams getting 100 points and the lowest scorers getting 80.

Car Show
Objective: Make an impression
Payout: Teams will vote on categories ranging from serious to silly, the scores will be tallied and graded on a curve with the winners getting 100 points and no one scoring below 95.

Objective: 3 runs to post the team’s best time. Go fast, stay clean.
Payout: Fastest in each class gets 100 points, everyone else scored on percentage.

Social Make-up Points
Part of the fun of Targa is sharing it with your friends who could not make it, and we understand that from time to time, things won’t go according to plan.  Smash those together and you get Social Bonus Points. Here’s how it works:

All you have to do it post a pic, video or story on SCCA.com, tag it to the Targa Event page and then share the content to your social media networks.  Then, the Social Media Czar will pick winners for each of the performance events plus the rally.   “Make-up” points will be awarded to teams to “make-up” the margin between their finish and the winning score.  Each team can only win make up points once, and the decisions of the Social Media Czar are binding and final.

Example: Team Deliverance scores 80 points on the rally because they got lost. Meanwhile, Team Time-Distance-Speed aces the Rally and scores 100 points.  But, Team Deliverance posted a hilarious photo of the team in a canoe, with a banjo.  It blows up on their social pages and gets, like, a thousands likes. The Social Media Czar, is injured from laughter and awards Team Deliverance the Make-up points.  New Team Deliverance Rally Score = 100 points.


The top points earning team in each class will be declared a Targa Class winner and receive a trophy, fame and fortune.*  Additionally, medals will be awarded to teams that finish with points totals within 5 points (Gold), 10 points (Silver) and 15 points (Bronze) of their class winner.

*Seriously, there’s no fame, no fortune.  Bragging rights, sure.  And that, and 7 bucks will get you a chicken dinner, winner-winner.