COVID-19 Update from the President  |  March 31  |  5:00pm

March 31, 2020, 5:00pm

We’re all hunkered down doing our part to slow the spread of the coronavirus and we hope you are, too.

While there’s no new SCCA news specific to the coronavirus, we have updated our recommendations for regions, we’ve got a great article on how you can #supportmotorsport during this crazy time, and we’ve introduced an eSports league on iRacing for our members to have #virtualfunwithcars. Check those out, get involved where you (safely) can and we’ll post another update regarding the coronavirus impacts here at SCCA next Tuesday, April 7.

Of course, you can find all of our previous announcements specific to the coronavirus below.

Stay safe. Stay healthy.

All the best,

Mike Cobb


March 26, 2020, 5:30pm

Team SCCA –

We find ourselves in unprecedented times. With the ongoing spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and the inconceivable speed at which things are changing around us, we are continuously evaluating and adapting our operations and business, much like countless others. I know many of you have questions about the future, and while we don’t have all of the answers, I want to share with you the overall landscape here at National SCCA headquarters, along with our current plan—shared with the SCCA Board this past Monday (3/23)—that we are putting into effect immediately to ensure that the SCCA emerges from this crisis as strong as possible.

Our rapidly changing environment requires that we take immediate action to better protect our future as an organization. In short, we must make some sacrifices today, so that we can endure in the future. This unfortunately includes some impacts to staffing and will affect the levels of service we are able to provide out of the National Office. No doubt many of you are experiencing these same kinds of impacts already, both personally and professionally, and we here at the SCCA share in that hardship.

As you already know, our sacrifices began—like many others across the broader U.S. motorsports landscape—with the postponement or cancellation of early-season events. Looking at the event calendar just through the end of April, we’re expecting impacts to ~200 events—about 10% of our annual schedule. Moreover, events will continue to be affected until regulatory mandates and restrictions are lifted, and we can once again ensure a safe environment at events—which could stretch further into the season. This, of course, has a significant negative impact on our short-term ability to operate as a business at the National level, leading us to take further action to protect our future.

Facing the realities that we will have far fewer SCCA events occurring across the country short term, and that many of us are under self-quarantine and stay-at-home mandates (including the one that goes into effect in Topeka today), we are temporarily reducing staff and staff hours to provide only essential services and support, effective April 1 through April 30, 2020. This move impacts every employee of SCCA, Inc.—starting with me, the full executive team, all full-time employees and all independent contractors—as we are all in this together as One Team.

With reduced staff and limited services, and to better serve you across this interim period, we ask that—should you need support or help—you reach out to the following “service centers” using the email addresses listed at the end of this message.

Our number one priority has been, and continues to be, keeping all of our members, volunteers, drivers, event leaders and staff safe. But our main goal is now to maintain the overall health of the organization. Right now, we are focused on the near future—today through the end of April. We will continue to monitor and evaluate daily, and as the situation with the coronavirus continues to evolve, more changes and impacts across our organization are likely. Flexibility is, and will remain, our key approach moving forward, as there isn’t any room for speculation past the immediate short-term.

In addition, we are keeping a watchful and hopeful eye on developments which may come about at the Federal level (i.e., COVID-19 stimulus) that might offer us additional support during this season.

In closing—as your CEO, and as someone who, like you, cares deeply about this organization, I want to share that we are all working tirelessly on the Club’s behalf, with full transparency and in concert with the Board of Directors. No one—including me—is in charge of the environmental elements that can and will impact our trajectory going forward. But, I am fully committed to doing everything I can to turn these short-term sacrifices into opportunities for development and growth.

The challenges in front of us all are real and they are significant, but we are—and will continue—to work through this as One Team so that we can do our part to “flatten the curve” and then crush some apexes with you as soon as we can!

Thank you for your continued membership and support. Stay safe and stay healthy.

All the best,

Interim Contacts

March 24, 2020, 4:30pm

It has been an extraordinary few weeks as our world faces historic challenges with the growing COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. Taking into account the latest updates from CDC and other health officials, the declaration of a national emergency, major disaster declarations, and each local/city and state's individual responses to the spread of the coronavirus, the following national SCCA events in April have been postponed, unless noted as canceled below.

Track Night in America
  • April 1, Atlanta Motorsports Park
  • April 7, Motorsport Ranch Cresson
  • April 7, Palm Beach International Raceway
  • April 16, Charlotte Motor Speedway
  • April 16, Thunderhill Raceway Park
  • In addition, we have postponed opening registration for our premier TNiA events, listed below. We will announce new opening dates as they become available.
    • May 20, May 21 & June 11, Lime Rock Park
    • June 10 & September 16, Sebring International Raceway
    • May 22 & July 31, Daytona International Raceway
    • July 16, Virginia International Raceway
Starting Line
  • April 4, Devens
  • April 4, Houston
  • April 4, Cincinnati
  • April 4, Seattle
  • April 18, South Bend
Tire Rack SCCA Champ Tour
  • April 24–26, Arizona
Tire Rack SCCA ProSolo
  • April 3–5, Fontana
  • April 17–19, Crows Landing
Hoosier Super Tour
  • April 4–5, Hallett Motor Racing Circuit (canceled)
  • April 10–12, Virginia International Raceway (canceled)

Note that these event updates are in addition to the March events that were postponed, as listed in the March 13 update below, and there may be additional events impacted as we move into April.

Rescheduling Events

We know many of our members have questions about events being rescheduled. While we don’t have all the answers today, we are working diligently with venues, tracks, and regions where appropriate, to do what we can to reschedule. Program leaders will follow up at the appropriate time with further details, but we are holding any reschedule announcements until we’re confident that those dates will not be further impacted.

National Office Impact

Like you, we’re working rapidly and remaining flexible to adjust to current realities, while making the best decisions with ever-changing information. Here at the National Office in Topeka, Kansas, schools are closed for the remainder of spring semester, and stay-at-home orders have already gone into effect in Lawrence, where some of our staff reside. Our hope is that these moves will help slow the spread of the coronavirus so that we may maintain our standard operating hours for the National Office without more aggressive actions.

Region Impact

Impacts are also being felt across our 115 SCCA Regions, where many events are being postponed or canceled due to local mandates, and in support of slowing the spread of the virus. Please look to your local regions’ websites for up-to-date information on events and meetings. Region leaders can also find updated information in our article, Supporting Regions through COVID-19.

Local Impact

Of course, the coronavirus continues to impact all of us in areas of our lives well beyond SCCA. Many cities/states now have stay-at-home, self-quarantine or shelter-in-place orders. In many parts of the country, city and state leaders have asked that all nonessential or non-life-sustaining businesses close. Regardless of where you call home, we know these are challenging times, so please do your best to stay safe and stay healthy.

Looking Ahead

The web page you’re on now is our dedicated space for all of our coronavirus updates. This puts everything in one place, making it easier to find. In addition to our weekly Tuesday updates, you’ll find program-specific announcements posted by program leaders as appropriate, under “Coronavirus + Program Updates” in the right-hand column (or under the article on mobile). We will continue to provide weekly updates every Tuesday via email and here on until normality returns.

We appreciate your continued support as we tackle this challenge as One Team, and we look forward to seeing you on course or on track again soon.

March 17, 2020, 4:00pm

As the novel coronavirus continues to impact motorsports enthusiasts across all sanctioning bodies, the SCCA continues to work to support members, region leaders and event participants. Below, you’ll find an update on where we are today, as well as our intended path forward in a few areas.


The impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) on everyday life continues to change rapidly. To streamline communications going forward, we’ll be providing updates on a weekly basis every Tuesday via email and until normality returns. In addition, program-specific communications will be provided by Program leaders as appropriate and any urgent information will be posted on

In addition, we've added an area to the right of this article (or at the bottom on mobile) that will contain all program-specific announcements necessary due to coronavirus. Check there for event postponement and cancellation news, as well as region support and other important updates from program leaders. 


For events suspended per the previous 03/13 update, we are working diligently with venues, tracks, and regions where appropriate, to try to reschedule impacted events. Respective SCCA program leaders will be providing updates as appropriate, but we will hold on these announcements until we’re confident that rescheduled dates will not be further impacted.

Concurrently, we are proactively reaching out to venues, tracks, and regions where appropriate to understand if there are guidelines, policies, bans now in place that may affect upcoming events across April. As you know by watching your local news, this situation is evolving and changing daily. Like many other organizations, we’re doing our best to keep up—and plan ahead for when we can resume normal activity.

Runoffs + ProSolo Qualification

We have received inquiries about how the suspension, cancelation of some events, or the inability for some to attend events due of the COVID-19 outbreak will affect Runoffs and ProSolo finale qualification for 2020. While we are aware of the hardship that coronavirus is causing here, it is premature to speculate about the path forward at this time, as we do not know the full extent of the schedule impact for either program. Once we have a better idea of how many events have been affected, SCCA will address any potential qualification revisions and communicate it to those impacted.

Region Support

As we all work through this together, we are hearing quite a few ideas coming from Region Leaders and National Event staff with regard to optimizing the safety of events in light of COVID-19. Based on this, the Region Development team has put together a summary of event “best practices” that were deployed across the past couple of weeks at National and Region events to help protect members, volunteers and participants and reduce the coronavirus exposure risk. If you have any successful practices that you have deployed at any Regional events—regardless of program type—we would welcome your input. Please feel free to share these directly with Rick Myers.

Because the situation and policies vary by location, we continue to encourage everyone to stay informed and follow the recommendations of your local health authorities.

Moving Forward

Like you, we’re working rapidly and remaining agile to adjust to current realities, while making the best decisions we can with the information we have at hand. It is our sincerest hope that this pandemic will slow in growth so that we can return to having #funwithcars with the collective SCCA family. This said, we are here—first and foremost—to provide a safe environment for enthusiasts to enjoy their motorsports passion, and we’re taking short-term action consistent with this mission.

We will continue closely monitoring the situation and guidance from the CDC, WHO, and other government authorities, and we may need to adjust plans further in the future. We appreciate your continued support as we work together through this challenge as One Team, and we look forward to seeing you on course or on track again soon.

Be safe,


Michael E. Cobb
Sports Car Club of America

March 13, 6:20pm update:

Based on the latest updates regarding COVID-19, the current environment regarding public events and President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency today, the SCCA is suspending the following events across the remainder of March:

SCCA Track Night in America

  • March 19, Carolina Motorsports Park
  • March 19, Thunderhill Raceway
  • March 24, Memphis International Raceway

 SCCA Solo National Events:

  • March 20, ProSolo at zMAX Dragway
  • March 27, ProSolo at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

SCCA Starting Line Schools:

  • March 21, Portland International Raceway
  • March 28, Heartland Motorsports Park

SCCA Time Trials National Tour

  • March 28, Auto Club Speedway

Respective program leaders will be following up with all participants registered for these events to work through the appropriate process in support of providing any credits and/or refunds.

As you know, things are moving quickly with this coronavirus outbreak. In the coming days, SCCA Leadership will continue closely monitoring the CDC and official national recommendations to help determine any ongoing impacts to our event schedule based on further updates and/or restrictions imposed.

Concurrently, Region Leaders are working diligently to follow local governance with regard to any updates/restrictions on gatherings and take appropriate action as needed for Regional events.

We appreciate your continued support as we work together through this challenge as One Team, and we look forward to seeing you on course or on track again soon.

Be safe,
Michael E. Cobb
Sports Car Club of America

March 12, 5:00pm update: 

Sports Car Club of America® leadership continues to monitor developments around COVID-19, also known as coronavirus. While many spectator-based events around the U.S. have been postponed, SCCA’s participant-based activities are different. As such, SCCA’s leadership will not reschedule or cancel any events at this time.

SCCA leadership also recognizes that COVID-19 concerns are not the same across all of the Club’s 115 regions. Therefore, SCCA leadership advises that those conducting SCCA events in the coming days and weeks closely follow policies set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as the direction or mandates of state, county and municipality officials. The most common local mandate that could affect SCCA events is a limitation on gathering size, although many of these may be specific to indoor activities.

While all members are welcome at Club events, SCCA leadership asks that anyone who does not feel well or shows signs of fever please abstain from attending events. Additionally, SCCA leadership advises Club members to analyze each individual situation and make their own decisions on whether or not to participate in any given SCCA activity.

For those who are operating events, SCCA leadership advises that a proactive approach be taken, and additional measures be deployed to minimize the spread of any viruses. Those measures include but are not limited to:

  • High-traffic worker positions (registration, waivers, etc.) should be issued nitrile gloves (preferred over latex due to allergies)
  • Equipment with high-contact rates (radios, headsets, clipboards, etc.) should be sanitized before and between uses when they are shared.
  • Events where loaner helmets are provided, balaclavas (head socks) and disinfectant spray should be offered.
  • Any driver’s meetings normally held indoors should be conducted outside wherever possible.
  • Minimize direct, physical contact between event attendees as much as possible. This includes, but is not limited to, event social functions.
  • Experts have repeatedly stated that the best defense is to practice good personal hygiene, with regular hand washing being highly effective at preventing the spread of viruses.

The safety of participants, staff and spectators at SCCA events is always a high priority. SCCA leadership will continue to monitor the CDC and other official national recommendations and may adjust plans accordingly based on further updates and/or restrictions imposed. Check back to for future updates.