#SupportMotorsport is a partnership effort between the Sports Car Club of America, GRIDLIFE and Global Time Attack to raise awareness and create support for the motorsports industry during the Covid19 shutdown and recovery. If motorsport is your passion and you have the ability to help, here are some great ways you can #SupportMotorsport.

Support your favorite track

Tracks and sites are the most critical motorsport resource. Whether it is your local Track Night track or the bucket list track you have always wanted to get to, now is a great time to check out the online store and pick up a t-shirt or hat to show your support. Not sure where to start? Here's a list of Track Night in America tracks or check out your favorite track's website to find ways to support them directly.

Support Clubs and Organizations

Now is a great time to join that local group that you run with a time or two a year or a national organization that works to develop rules and guidelines for the sport. Not the joining type? Another great way to show support is to go ahead and enter events now that you would like to attend in the future, so organizers know that the event is viable. You can also show support through merchandise purchases. 

How you can Support SCCA — #SCCAUNITE

Join or Renew

If you are not an SCCA member, or if you are due for a renewal, now is a great time to become or extend your SCCA membership.

Membership dues not only help to keep the wheels turning at the national level they also drives cash to your local Region to help fund SCCA activity near you. 




Want to physically show your support for your Club? Check out the just-launched SCCA UNITE line from SCCA Gear!

The line is a great way for you to tell the world that you are a proud SCCA member while also supporting SCCA through the Covid19 shutdown and recovery. A portion of every sale of SCCA UNITE merchandise goes directly back to the Club.



Lifetime Membership

Many of us have used the term “lifer” to describe our commitment to the SCCA, and now is a time that we can prove that commitment by purchasing a lifetime membership.

Like annual memberships, proceeds from lifetime memberships support both the national organization and your local region.