SCCA Workers Key to Upcoming Las Vegas Grand Prix

It’s no surprise that SCCA® workers are the secret ingredient to so many professional races. From IMSA to IndyCar and more, it’s SCCA’s dedicated worker force helping host these pro events. This is true even in Formula One, especially as the event lands in Las Vegas this weekend for the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix. KSNV NBC in Las Vegas, NV, recently interviewed Northwest Region’s Gene Bennett, who will be one of roughly 450 SCCA race marshals during the Nov. 18, 2023, Las Vegas F1 race.

"I have a national certification which is the highest SCCA certification," Bennett told the news organization. "There's Regional and National. That takes a couple of years’ experience."

In fact, Bennett holds multiple SCCA worker licenses, including Flagging and Communications, Emergency Services, Grid and Pit, Scrutineer, Sound Control, Starter, and Timing and Scoring. And in his interview for the news segment, he was quick to promote SCCA.

“Getting involved in it is actually very easy,” Bennett said of working motorsports events. “If you’re interested, contact your local SCCA or similar group at a track near you and we’ll get you out there. We’ll train you, teach you how to do it – that’s how I started out.”

In fact, roughly 100 of the 450 SCCA marshals working the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix were trained using SCCA's recently launched online learning modules.  

You can read KSNV’s full story and view the news segment as it aired here.

Image courtesy Formula One