Soak Up the Benefits of SCCA Membership

Spring is right around the corner for most of us, no matter what that pesky groundhog might have told us. That means many of us are in our traditional last-minute scramble to finish up the winter project we didn’t quite get to.

Luckily, being an SCCA member helps with that. Not only does it give you access to events and an opportunity to run your car, it also provides a full list of member benefits that can help get your car on track.

But simply renewing your membership can help you accomplish your goals. When your new membership card arrives, it’s full of coupons to help you be a better SCCA member.

For example, those of us who sit in parts of the country with temperature changes know that’s tough on a car’s battery. If it’s time for a refresh, your membership renewal includes a coupon for Braille Battery. Braille Battery offers batteries to fit your street or race car, ATV and UTV, motorcycle, truck and boat.

No matter your project, however, Summit Racing Equipment likely has everything you need. That’s fortuitous, because the partner of the Summit Racing Equipment Road Racing program offers each and every member 10 percent off their purchase just for renewing their SCCA membership annually.

But how do you fix the age-old problem, that proverbial “loose nut behind the steering wheel?” There are even coupons to help with that. Before you get to the track, take advantage of the iRacing coupon that includes three months free for new subscribers to drive virtually any track in the world. Likewise, ApexPro’s line of equipment and its data acquisition software can help you improve between sessions at the track, which is a valuable tool. And, you guessed it – there’s a coupon in there for ApexPro, as well.

All that work is for naught, though, if something were to happen to your car. Hagerty offers a range of insurance options that may work for you, including a way to insure your car for off-track damage and on-track protections for events like Track Night in America. SCCA members get a discount, and you can get more information in – you guessed it! – your renewal packet, or by logging into and clicking on member benefits.

All of that and more comes right to your home with a renewed SCCA membership card. What are you waiting on? Fun With Cars awaits!


Photo by Perry Bennett