Getting Faster is Easier with ApexPro Data

APEX Pro Co-Founder, Andrew Rains, recently sat down with Michael Carpenter, an experienced amateur racer, to get his feedback on how the APEX Pro unit changed his Time Trials experience at our recent National Tour event at Carolina Motorsports Park.

It can be overwhelming when looking at options for data collection, so having reviews and feedback from experienced drivers helps get an idea of what products are right for them. Take a look at what Michael’s experience was and be on the lookout for free demo opportunities from APEX Pro at select Time Trials National Tour stops.

If you're an iPhone user, download the free APEX Pro app to check out how it all works. Tap 'Data' to view an example of what APEX data looks like.


Andrew Rains: What driving experience do you have and how did you get interested in motorsports? 

Michael Carpenter:  I have been an autocross and HPDE enthusiast for about 18 years now.  My dad played a big role in getting me interested in motorsports, one of my earliest memories was cheering for Derek Bell at an IMSA race on television. 


AR: What were your first impressions using APEX Pro? 

MC: Everything about the product, both hardware and software, is elegant in its simplicity.  That is exactly the sort of thing needed when you have a million other things to worry about on a track weekend.


AR: How did using APEX Pro compare to your expectations of what the product was? 

MC: Prior to using the APEX Pro I was aware of it from a popular publication's review.  I would say that the hardware component met my expectations. I was really impressed with how little I needed to fiddle with it over the weekend.  However, the software component really impressed me.  I was able to quickly compare my best laps and identify where I could improve my performance.


AR: Do you think APEX Pro is the right product for someone interested in getting started with data? 

MC: Absolutely!  It's easy to use, and provides just the right info to help you improve.


AR: Is there anything you think an SCCA Time Trials driver needs to know about APEX Pro? 

MC: Many of us are travelling to new tracks, and it can be difficult to get up to speed - especially with only a few sessions to practice.  Data analysis as you drive, instead of waiting until you are back in the paddock, is a really powerful tool for getting the most out of your track time.  In addition to that; it can relieve a lot of mental pressure to see that you are driving really well, but the track conditions aren't going to get you a personal best lap.


AR: What do you enjoy most about SCCA Time Trials?  

MC: The "same team" mentality that everyone shares.  Ultimately we're all there to have fun with our cars, and everyone works together in the pursuit of that.  Also, the barbecue is on point.


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