Get to Know APEX Pro

New to SCCA partnership, but certainly not new to motorsport or our club programs, APEX was formed by two racers and the thought that has launched a thousand innovations: “there’s got to be a better way.”

Co-founders Austin Gurley and Andrew Rains competed in FSAE events together while in college and identified the need for simpler way to show the drivers how their current on-track/course performance stacks up against their potential performance. What they developed is a standalone battery-powered unit that connects to Apple devices via Bluetooth and can record data showing exactly where drivers are losing seconds and not driving the car at it’s potential.

Rains, a former SCCA road racer and autocrosser, used his Pirelli World Challenge racing effort as the test bed for the product. Andrew now works as a professional driver coach, using APEX to help all of his clients improve on the track. Their system has spread throughout the industry, as Skip Barber Racing School now uses the APEX device in their curriculum.

Perfect for Road Racing, Autocross, and Track Days, APEX has something for every racer. Select the track you’re driving that day from the extensive list in the APEX app and let the machine learn your car’s potential for performance. For autocross courses, bring the unit with you on your course walk, set the Start/Finish points in the app, and the unit does the rest (see how HERE). Data can be reviewed immediately and you can share with your friends if you’re feeling extra proud!

Refer a friend to SCCA membership and you can be entered to win an awesome prize like an APEX Pro unit! All renewing members will receive a coupon for a free baseplate with purchase of a unit. Lose those last few seconds just in time for championship season!