US RoadRally Challenge Results

TOPEKA, Kan. (Sept. 21, 2017) -- The 2017 SCCA United States RoadRally Challenge is complete, and the field of competitors traveled from all over the U.S. to participate in the annual RoadRally showcase event.

Each year, the USRRC travels to give different regions and people an easier chance to join in the fun, and this year’s event started with a welcome party and check-in at the Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum in Anchorage before heading south to the Kenai Peninsula to visit Seward and Homer along the route.

While trying their best to navigate twisty asphalt mountain roads, dirt and gravel park paths and neighborhood streets, those along the way were greeted by moose, bears and at one point a Beluga whale in one of the many waters which ran alongside the course.

For many of the competitors, finding their way to the final event cookout was enough to count it as a victory, but the overall winner was the crew of Justin Conners and Rick Beattie who put together a precise and strategic event.

Jen Bersch and Austin Betts took home the coveted “Spirit of the Sport” award – voted on by fellow USRRC participants. Much of the love for that crew was for the fact that driving an original Austin Mini they not only fought challenging RoadRally notes – but did so while converting distances from miles to Kilometers along the way – as the Mini was only equipped with the metric gauges and had no 12-volt to plug a GPS unit into.

2017 USRRC RoadRally Results
Stock Regional: Austin Betts (AK)/Jen Bersch (AK)
Stock: Jake Engstrom (AK/FL)/Jeff Lynn (AK)
Limited: Bob Morseburg (WA)/Jeanne English (CA)
Equipped: Justin Conners (PA)/Rick Beattie (PA)

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