Thursday Evening Tire Rack Solo Nats

Oh, Canada
When Mike Wolf, of Toronto, made his first trip to the Tire Rack Solo Nationals eight years ago, he arrived with four friends, a tiny grill and an E-Z Up tent.

Much has changed since then. This year, Wolf arrived flanked by a dozen drivers from Canada. With them came a couple trailers and tow vehicles, including a FAMBULANCE (fire rescue vehicle) owned by Bill Gelinas.  The Canadians’ current compound has a big BBQ grill, lots of shade, tables, plenty of seating, and a pool.  Not some dinky, plastic pool; but a real pool … or as real as one can get on the runways of Lincoln Airpark

“We convoy down together, we stay together, we cook and eat together, and we drink together,” said Wolf, who is technically a member of SCCA’s Guam Region.  “On Monday nights, we host the annual beer exchange where people come from all over and bring their local craft beer and trade it.  And we make giant batches of poutine for everyone.  It’s a good party and such a great time.  It’s my favorite week of the year.”

Needless to say, the Canadian compound has also become a favorite of the Solo Nats community as well.

Doin’ the Double
This year’s Tire Rack Solo National Championships appear to be yet another record breaker. This year’s SCCA Runoffs at Indianapolis are most definitely going to be a record breaker. And 10 SCCA members are going to experience the competition in both.

It’s a mix of veterans and rookies. Chris Edens (B Street Prepared in Solo, Touring 1 at the Runoffs), Julian Garfield (C Street and Spec Miata), Matthew Gendron (A Modified and Formula Atlantic), Richard Grunenwald (B Street and Touring 4), Lee Hill (B Modified and Spec Racer Ford 3), Jon Krolewicz (C Modified and Formula F), Michael LeVeque (D Street and E Production), Dave Ogburn III (C Street and Spec Racer Ford), Eric Prill (E Modified and F Production), and Grayson Strathman (Kart Modified and Spec Racer Ford 3) make up the illustrious list.

Ironically, 19 different classes are represented – only Hill and Strathman, in SRF3 at the Runoffs, will race against each other.

Talkin’ S**t
With more than 1,300 entries this year at Tire Rack Solo Nationals, it’s no surprise there’s A LOT of trash talking.  However, that’s not what this story is about.

With more than 1,300 entries this year at Solo Nats, there’s just a lot of, well, excrement.  In fact, Grant Stahla, owner of Stahla Services which manages the “restrooms” around the Solo Nats compound, said more than 9,000 gallons of waste have been removed from the venue in a week.  That’s about 76,000 pounds of yuck.  And if you’re wondering, Solo Nats attendees have also used up nearly 400 rolls of toilet paper.

A pleasant upgrade was made this year to the johns at Solo Nats.  Most of the nearly 40 units at Lincoln Airpark have a little flap covering the, um, pit; and a pump on the floor next to the “receptacle” that actually flushes the bowl!  On top of that, most of the units have individual sinks with a foot pump to create running water!

How warmly received were the new toilets?  According to one competitor, “It’s like a little Taj Mahal. Or better, a Taj Ma-stall. I had to take a picture in there.”

Photo: The Canadian compound at Solo Nats