Thursday Afternoon Tire Rack Solo Nationals

Something's Gotta Give

C Prepared – the autocross class that is a blend of tire, noise and horsepower, and this year features one of the epic battles of the Tire Rack Solo Nationals.

Mike Maier, the undisputed king of C Prepared, has won eight out of the past nine class titles (the one he missed? He didn’t attend) in his 1965 Ford Mustang GT350 and took home the Solo Driver of Eminence award on Wednesday night. How do you beat that?

How about with six-time National Champion Brian Peters, who stepped out of the frying pan and into the fire for 2017? Peters is a new face to CP, but is attempting to win his sixth consecutive National Championship in an almost unbelievable six different classes (and eighth Championship in eight classes overall). His 2011 Ford Mustang (it’s for sale!) is literally the pesky little brother to Maier’s autocross-legendary ride.

The day one hype met expectations – Maier leads, but only by 0.052 seconds with the East Course to come on Friday.

See Brian's run here:

It’s Nice to be Nice to the Nice

Adam Pessetto, of Lenexa, Kansas, started autocrossing and doing SCCA Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack events in just the last two years.  New to the SCCA, the 34-year-old jumped in with both feet and immediately started to not only participate, but also helped out as a volunteer.

SCCA’s Kansas City Region took note of Pessetto’s efforts. The Region had been considering a “scholarship” program of sorts that would help competitors who helped the Club.  Pessetto was asked if he’d be attending the Tire Rack Solo Nationals this year, but he wasn’t planning on it since he was a little short of funds.  So, the Kansas City Region chipped in with a $500 donation to get him to Lincoln.

So, in only his second year with the Club, Pessetto took to Solo Nats courses in a Honda S2000 running in the B Street field.  How did he do?  Who cares!? He had a blast and we’re sure we’ll see Pessetto back in Lincoln again soon.


Barbecue. That’s delicious, right?

Rusty’s Barbecue, the red food truck located in vendor row at Solo Nats, does more than just delicious. Sure, you could grab a pulled pork or brisket sandwich. But why be boring?

At Rusty’s, a trusty member of the SCCA staff sampled a few of the more, um, exotic items. Take, for instance, the Bucket Dog. One footlong hot dog, topped with brisket, coleslaw, bacon, cheese, peppers, onions and squirted with barbecue sauce. Or the Turkey Leg Nachos – yeah, it’s nachos, but with all the fixins’, including barbecue sauce and shredded turkey leg. Or, you know, just grab a turkey leg.

If you need help making “weight” in an autocross car, Rusty’s Barbecue is there to help.