Thursday Morning Tire Rack Solo Nats

Lincoln Airpark Neighbors
Right across the runway from where the Tire Rack Solo Nats run at Lincoln Airpark sits the Nebraska Air National Guard’s 155th Air Refueling Wing. Each day, KC-135 Stratotankers and some training jets can be seen, and certainly heard, pounding down the runway and up into the air.  It’s a sight to behold, and many competitors take a moment to gaze upon the mighty air machines.

According to its website, the 155th Air Refueling Wing is the second oldest Air National Guard unit in the nation, tracing its roots back to 1946 and the 173rd Fighter Squadron. The Wing has evolved in size and mission, and now provides logistical and mission support to Nuclear Deterrence, Global Reach mobility and Global Power missions across the globe.

Known as the Hustlin’ Huskers, the Wing's airmen provide both the nation and state of Nebraska with unmatched capability and value in a community-based force.  And they’re really cool Solo Nats neighbors.

Group Support
One of the advantages of the Tire Rack Solo Nationals is the support that comes from suppliers, on site in Lincoln. Mazda Motorsports, for example, has upped their presence at the event the past few years, ranging from an expanded contingency program to, new for 2017, a gathering tent and burgers for lunch. Need tire support, mounting or pressure suggestions? A line of tire trucks, ranging from Hoosier to BFGoodrich Tires to Bridgestone, all sit ready to help or just offer a hello. Need a rebuild on shocks? KONI was on site to fill those needs.

It’s a wonderful range of support, and many of those same people are quick to jump behind the wheel and compete themselves.

Morning Buzz
On occasion, a participant at Solo Nationals will wake in the morning needing the effects of the famed hair of the dog. But, with competition brewing, there’s a next best option – a trip to the Buzz Through Coffee wagon.

Racers at heart, this truck is a regular at Solo Nationals and motorsports events across the country. For good reason – it’s quick, easy, friendly, and has a big cup of wake-up juice at the ready!

“We started vending in Topeka during the first year of the Runoffs and the Solo Nationals,” said Bruce Wolff, Buzz Through Coffee’s proprietor and SCCA member since the ‘60s.  “This is an opportunity to leave the real world behind.  It’s just the biggest family.  Everybody helps everybody else.  It’s just fun.”

Take a gulp and get ready for a day of Solo Nats competition.

Photo: Nebraska Air National Guard activities going on next to Solo Nats.