SCCA Email Update Reminder

SCCA is in the process of updating its email communication service.  The upgrade offers members a new way to manage incoming SCCA email newsletters, announcements, partner messages and more.

Members can set their personal preferences by logging in to their profile page at, then click on the “Email Subscriptions” link in the “SCCA Membership” box on the left side of the webpage.  At any time, people can revisit the “Email Subscription” link to add communication topics as their Club interests evolve.  Of course, members may also choose to unsubscribe from a particular topic via links provided at the bottom of individual email messages.

And don’t worry, this email platform upgrade will not affect messages containing information on events you have entered, or the system settings already in place for Region communications or information from Track Night in America Driven by the Tire Rack.

Don’t miss out on important information from the SCCA.  Set your email preferences today!

  • Jennifer Paradis

    No clicking on links in email ... who know where they really go?  

    There should be a secure portal for members to register/update their info ... if every other thing we use in this world (banks, credit card companies, workplaces, internet sales sites) can manage it, SCCA should be able to as well.  And if you can't ... you need to fix that right damn now.

    Just saying.

    Jennifer Paradis, Atlanta Region


  • Mark Thomas Clayton

    Can you resend it thought is was spam, or can you send it to my SCCA mailbox-Thanks :)

  • Greg C Goss

    You can never be too careful.

    But it gives the appearance of progress on behalf of the SCCA.

  • James B Ray III

    I agree with Rebecca Harvey, yYou're wise to be careful.  It certainly doesn't seem to be an optimal process for getting members to update their profile, but I'm sure it's well intended trying to make each click thru URL personalized and minimize the customary resistance required when asking members to log into their account.  As I like to say "mere mortals can't remember their logon credentials for accounts they use regularly, much less those they visit infrequently."

    The email you received, if it’s like the one I got from John Burchardt, is automatically suspect because I don’t really know John and don’t customarily receive messages from him.  The email message should have been sent from a Sports Car Club of America named account like, email addresses we might have recognized from previous communications.  Alternatively, John’s email reply to name might have displayed SCCA Membership Communications Manager - John Burchardt, instead of just his name. 

    Fortunately clicking thru the email provided thru link doesn't request any security credentials, like a normal phishing application might.  Many prudently wise and careful people won’t even try it!  I have good security software running on my PC and was confident enough to give it a try.  The landing page that responds already knows my (or your) email address, so updating the form and hitting submit is easy and doesn't incur much risk.  The problem of course is none of us minions know if Magnet Mail (domain name shown in the URL) is the legitimate SCCA email service provider or not.  I would have much preferred the landing page to be hosted within the domain.  Alternatively in John’s email message when he explained the club has updated its email subscription service, he could have mention Magnet Mail.  I suspect many recipients will ignore John’s email message all together.

  • Kee H Chen

    Yes.  Agreed with the others.  Please provide an option to make changes from within the site, after signing in!