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Street Survival

The Tire Rack Street Survival® Teen Driving School – Car control instruction designed to provide teen drivers with accident avoidance skills and knowledge.

It’s not just about Driving, It’s about Living…

• The leading cause of death among 13-19 year olds in the US is from a motor vehicle crash.

• 62% of teenage passenger deaths in 2004 occurred in vehicles driven by another teenager.

• Teenagers cause 2.5 million accidents per year.

• In 2007 that resulted in over 6,000 deaths of teens.

If you have a teen driver at home or know someone who does, then those sobering statistics should be of concern. Recent and well publicized national stories have brought to light the tragedy of teen injury and death caused by traffic accidents. The stories often mention how the teen driver “lost control and over-corrected…” causing a tragic accident of some kind.

Your local media most likely has reported on a similar story in the not-to-distant past, or you may know of a teen involved in such circumstances.

To address this national issue, The Tire Rack Street Survival® teen driving schools were developed by the BMW Car Club of America (BMW CCA) and the BMW CCA Foundation in 2002. The programs have expanded to most major communities and are now conducted as well by the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) regions with support from the SCCA Foundation.

The registration fee of $75.00, which covers only the cost of materials and equipment, provides students with experienced instructors who safely guide students through a day of behind the wheel instruction and short classroom sessions. Driving skill courses are specifically designed to mimic every day driving hazards, obstacles and challenges. Students will use the vehicles the student driver is most familiar with, which is usually their family or personal car, truck, or SUV.

Parents are urged to talk to their teen drivers about the advantages of attending this one day program. Eligible students are 16 to 21 years old and hold a valid unrestricted driver’s license or a valid permit. Students should have some driving experience and parents should make plans to attend the programs along with their teens. Parents are encouraged to register their teen drivers for this program on-line at

Further information about Street Survival schools in your area can be obtained by contacting Linda Duncan -Program Coordinator for The Tire Rack Street Survival program at 303-229-0176.