Date: September 03, 2018 to September 07, 2018
Location: Lincoln Airpark
Address: 3300-3698 NW 36th St, Lincoln, NE, 68524

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Registration Schedule

July 2 @ 6:00 pm central - Event registration opens to everyone
                                    All entrants must be an annual SCCA member
                                    Entry fee is $190 for regular classes & $85 for Junior Karts
                                    Option to select a group to paddock with is available                      
July 2 @ 6:00 pm central - Test n Tune Registration opens -                   
July 23 @ 6:00 pm central - Ability to select a group to paddock with closes 
August 1 @ 6:00 pm central - Individual paddock space registration opens
August 13 @ Midnight central - Late fee for Event Registration starts - fee increases to $300
August 20- Run/Work Order for the event will be posted
August 22 @ 6:00 pm central- Last day to late register online
August 22- Last day to cancel and receive a refund (minus $20) for entrants who registered prior to August 13 only

  • Lincoln Airpark
    3300-3698 NW 36th St
    Lincoln, NE 68524
  • Comments
    • David Lehrschall

      I've been watching the wait list shrink. There are two of our region's members on the list, who we are hoping still get to join us in Lincoln.

      The original planned cap and other details may be debated, but setting that aside it looks like the cap increase and wait list steps taken have benefited at least 80, who missed the original registration cap. I don't wish misfortune or disappointment on anyone, but it looks like the registration adjustments may allow most (hopefully all) of those beyond the original cap to register. 

      The committee managing the Solo Nationals has to have a lot going on. We should recognize their efforts to support the members, who otherwise would have been left out this year. Thanks to the 2018 Solo Nationals Committee!  

    • Robert (Rocky) Entriken Jr.

      And the cap is raised! According to an SCCA news release about 90 min ago: "after much analysis and discussion, the SCCA has opted to raise the cap to 1,400 drivers -- not including Junior Kart class entries."

      Without the juniors, the entry list shows 1334 at this moment, so 66 more could get in immediately. Yay!

    • David L Hedderick

      I registered on the second day it was open and got in. Between the pro and nationals this is kinda the max. 


      Best advice i can give folks is register sooner? About 50 easily will drop out. So have faith.

    • William A Schmidt

      So, the solo nats fills up on the 5th day of registration? Kinda makes me wonder if the cap needs to be extended to 1500, or possibly changing the 4 days of competition to 6 days, or maybe both. I am on the wait list as of a few minutes ago. Wonder if we will make it this year?

      • Dan Bullis

        So people should have to wait 6 days after they compete int the PRO finale extending their time in Lincoln to 10-11 days? That would mean people taking two weeks off just to run at Nats. Yeah think I would pass along with many others. 1350 racers were able to sign up in time. 

      • Bruce Eddy

        I totally agree it should b changed to 6 and 1500 I'm on the wait list as well, it would be nice if the waitlist was published to see where we are at!

    • Rob Tarrien

      FYI....Drewel's is out of carts for rent. I was able to get one thru Nebraska Golf & Turf (402) 466-6222. I also used them last year.