"I've always been into racing and this is really the first time I've gotten to experience it first hand. The instructors were great, I learned a lot through out the day and was able to put it all together on the course they set up for us. Over all great experience and tons of fun. Would recommend it to anyone."

Automotive Technician

"I took this course with my son as part of his 18th birthday present and we had a blast in our cars, learned a ton about autocross and truly enjoyed our experience together at the event. The instructors’ enthusiasm was evident in their teaching and that created a very positive and fun learning experience. [It wasn’t] at all intimidating and the course itself was worth every penny!"

Restaurant Owner

"Excellent quality program, even better people. The instructors are committed to make every minute count and it shows. Great camaraderie and I will definitely come back. It is very difficult to find something this good for the money."


"It provided much self-discovery for me. The format of doing a run, getting feedback from an instructor and going again felt very efficient in applying new lessons and seeing improvement immediately."

Film Student

"Starting Line is, bang for the buck, the best way to get started in motorsports. The quality and amount of instruction is incredibly high and it left me prepared and ready for my first event."

Social Worker

"Being a woman in the autocross school was great too. Was I in the minority? Absolutely. Did I feel any animosity? Not at all. I think a lot of the guys enjoyed seeing a girl get out on the track and thrash a car. I'd recommend the school to anyone trying to get into autocross, as well as anyone who would like to get a little better feel for how their car will perform in everyday situations."

HR Generalist

"I learned more about how to drive MY OWN car in a day than I would have in years trying to figure it out myself during regional events."

Talent Acquisition Specialist

"It's amazing how much faster you can get in just one day with the direct feedback from the instructors. What's more, everyone had a blast playing with cars all day. It was worth every penny."

Nuclear Reactor Operator

"The Starting Line School helped me find the limits of my performance car, how to drive to them and use them to my advantage."


"After this course I have a newfound respect for exactly what my car is capable of, and what I'm capable of as well. I could feel my car control increasing each step of the way, and I'm excited to compete in a full on solo course!"

Programming Analyst

"The school is truly an amazing, well-rounded experience. I walked away from it with much more confidence in my racing abilities."

College Student

"It's thrilling watching your skills improve during the course of ONE day's class, and I'm coming back to learn more. I've learned more about my car, its limits and my abilities behind the wheel than money could buy. If nothing else it will make me a much better driver whenever I'm behind the wheel."


"I highly recommend the school to anyone, no matter your interest in autocross. It's a great opportunity to explore the handling characteristics of your car at the limit in a very safe environment, with excellent instruction."

Construction Manager