What to Bring to Starting Line

Here is a list of "must haves" and "nice to haves" for your Tire Rack SCCA Starting Line School:

Must Haves

  • Driver's License: Everyone must be a legal driver to participate in SCCA events.
  • Car: Almost any vehicle can autocross, the exception are vehicles with a heightened rollover risk such as large SUVs or pick-up trucks. If you have concerns about the vehicle you would like to take the school in, please contact us.

Nice to Haves

  • Comfortable Shoes: There will be some standing / walking associated with the school. Many drivers prefer to wear driving shoes when in the car, but having a more comfortable pair for the rest of the day is advisable.
  • Folding Chair: There will also be some down time, and time at Lunch where you may want to take a load off.
  • Umbrella: Umbrellas are ok for staying dry, but great for portable shade on hot days.
  • Sunscreen: Schools happen outside, apply early and often!
  • Hat: To keep the sun out of your eyes or to manage helmet hair, a good idea either way.

In Case of Wet Weather

Autocross is a rain or shine sport. Here are a few things that we recommend for wet days...

  • Rain Suit: Many have had a miserable day due to attempting to get by with a poncho. A rain suit can be had for less than $100, and will keep you much more comfortable than a poncho can.
  • Plastic Bins: Bins are great for keeping your race stuff organized, clean and dry.
  • Towel: A towel is nice for drying off hands and feet before driving on a wet day.