Here's a complete list of what comes with your $350 Tire Rack SCCA Starting Line package:

Full Day of Professional Driving Instruction: The Starting Line curriculum has been developed and is taught by professional driving instructors certified by the Evolution Performance Driving School. Founded in 1993, Evolution has helped thousands of driving enthusiasts develop skills, reach goals and improve themselves as drivers. School Value: $260

SCCA Membership: Your SCCA membership gains you access to thousands of motorsports events across the country. In addition to Autocross, SCCA members also participate in Road Course, Rally and Rallycross events. SCCA members also serve as volunteer course workers and emergency response personnel for Road Races, ranging from driver’s schools to Formula One. Your membership is more than access, however. An SCCA membership carries the premier event insurance coverage of any motorsports organization. The excess accident policy for SCCA participants will cover a member’s deductible, co-pay and excess medical costs up to $1M. Incidents resulting in injury are very rare, particularly at Autocross events, but the SCCA insurance policy is there should you ever need it. Membership Value: $85

SCCA Track Night Event Entry:  Want to drive on track? Starting Line can help you do that too. As part of your package, you are invited to join us at a SCCA Track Night in America Driven by the Tire Rack. These events happen at tracks across the country from 4-8pm on a weeknight. For more information , check out the Track Night site.  Track Night Value: $150

Tire Rack SCCA National Series Event Entry: The Tire Rack SCCA National Series is a 20+ event program that includes Championship Tour, Match Tour and ProSolo Events. National Tours are two-day autocrosses featuring 3 runs per day on big, fun, fast courses. ProSolo events combine the challenge of Autocross with the skill and thrill of Drag Racing. These events pit driver versus driver on mirror image courses with a Christmas Tree start. Match Tours falls between the two, offering laid-back competition on Saturday and a shootout event on Sunday. To learn more about these events visit As part of your Tire Rack SCCA Starting Line Package you will receive a free entry into your choice of a Championship Tour or Match Tour (not valid for ProSolo or Nationals entry). National Event Entry Value: $100

Regional Event Entry: Part of your Tire Rack SCCA Starting Line experience includes attending the host Regions autocross event on Sunday (all Starting Line Schools are on Saturday). Your instructors will be on hand to get you started and guide you through the day. Terms and conditions may vary region to region, but this is a great way for you to get out to a local event and see what it is all about. Local Event Entry Value: $25-$45

Magazine Subscriptions: All SCCA members receive a subscription to SportsCar magazine as part of their membership. SportsCar is a great resource for SCCA event coverage, club news, pro tips and how-tos as well as the latest in race products and services. In addition to SportCar, Tire Rack SCCA Starting Line participants will also receive a Grassroots Motorsports subscription. Grassroots Motorsports is a great resource for the hands on motorsports enthusiast with lots of do-it-yourself tips and solutions, project cars, budget minded events, and coverage of a wide range of motorsports events.

Helmet: The Tire Rack SCCA Starting Line school allows you to include a helmet in your package. Helmets are required for autocross and SCCA requires a Snell rating of 2005 or newer. Getting your own now lets you skip the discomfort of a loaner and start sweating up your very own right off the bat. While the Motorcycle (M rating) helmets are allowed, the helmet provided is a motorsports approved helmet (SA) so that you may use it to enjoy a wider variety of driving events.

When Do I Get My Stuff? Everything that comes with the Starting Line Package takes effect at the time of your SCCA Starting Line School. Helmets and hats will be delivered at the school and your SCCA membership and magazine subscriptions will take effect the day of. If you are already an SCCA member, or would like to join before the school, the included membership will automatically serve as a renewal on the date your current membership expires.