Welcome to the RoadRally Rules and Documents page. Whether you're a RoadRally competitor looking to read the rules for competition or an organizer looking for applications, helpful information or samples of documents - this is the place to get therm. 

RoadRally Competition Rules

Documents for RoadRally Organizers

Rules for Organizers Vehicle Safety Inspections/Emergency Form
Sanction Application Sample Entry Form
Official Results Template Time Allowance Request
Official Results - G. Lester autofill Contestant Evaluation Report
Post-Event Audit Form Scoring Audit Request
Pre-Check Form Weekend Member Submission
Safety Pre-Check Form Trek Rules
Observer's Report  

GTA RoadRally Organizer Information

GTA Safety Check Report

Safety Steward Information

Safety Steward Application Process

Safety Pre-Check Form

Safety Steward Manual

Safety Steward License Application

Information for First-Time RoadRally Organizers

General RoadRally Information

Regional RoadRally Handbook

Publicizing A RoadRally

WDC RoadRally School Text

The TSD Timeline below replaces the Rally Organization Schedule contained in the Regional RoadRally Handbook

TSD Timeline

GTA RoadRally Information

Sample GTA Rally 1 GTA RoadRally Handbook
Sample GTA Rally 2 GTA Route Instructions
Sample GTA Rally 3 Sample RGTA Instructions

The GTA Timeline below replaces the Rally Organization Timeline contained in the GTA RoadRally Handbook

GTA Timeline

Touring RoadRally Information

Sample General Instructions

Sample Route Instructions

Monte Carlo RoadRally Information

Monte Carlo Route Instructions

Sample Monte Carlo Instructions

Course (Trap) RoadRally Information

Condensed General Instructions

Targa RoadRally Information

Coming Soon!

Waivers (Updated 1-17-2017)

SCCA Waiver Chart

Use the guide linked above to navigate which waiver you need and when. There are differences for specific states, types of facilities and minor participants.

Below are links to the individual waiver forms - remember, waivers must be printed in color. 

SCCA Adult Event Waiver SCCA Adult Annual Waiver (Only for Notary)
New York Adult Event Waiver California Adult Annual Waiver
Minor Annual Waiver Minor Annual Waiver for Notary 
California Minor Annual Waiver - for Notary Florida Minor Annual (Non-permanent facilities)
Florida Minor Annual for Notary (Non-Permanent Facilities) Minor Age Affidavit (Road Race only)