Welcome to the RoadRally Rules and Documents page. Whether you're a RoadRally competitor looking to read the rules for competition or an organizer looking for applications, helpful information or samples of documents - this is the place to get therm. 

RoadRally Competition Rules

The 2023 SCCA RoadRally® Rules online are made available by SCCA RoadRally as a courtesy to our entrants, volunteers, and anyone interested in learning more about technical regulations governing SCCA RoadRally. If you would like a copy of the printed National RoadRally Rules, they are available on Amazon. to order a printed rulebook, click here. 

The 2023 RoadRally Rules online version is available in Adobe Acrobat format, version 10 or later. Download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader here. iPad and iPhone users should save this file in the acrobat reader app, not in ibooks (ibooks crashes when trying to use the search feature).

Documents for RoadRally Organizers

Rules for Organizers Vehicle Safety Inspections/Emergency Form
RoadRally Road Map
Official Results Template (rev 2022)
Official Results Template - G. Lester Autofill (rev 2022) Time Allowance Request
Pre-Check Form Contestant Evaluation Report
Safety Pre-Check Form
Observer's Report
Co-hosting Guidelines

GTA RoadRally Organizer Information

GTA Handbook

GTA Route Instructions

Treks and other Regional RoadRallies

Trek Rules

Sample GTA General Instructions

Sample TSD General Instructions

Richta GPS General Instructions

Expanded RRR Appendix A

Safety Steward Information

Safety Steward Application Process

Safety Steward License Application

Quick Start Tutorial for RoadRally Safety Steward Training

Safety Steward Manual

Safety Steward Certification Video Part 1 (For historical purpose only)

Safety Steward Certification Video Part 2 (For historical purpose only)

Safety Steward Knowledge Test

TSD Safety Checklist (PDF)

TSD Safety Checklist (Word File)

GTA Safety Checklist (PDF)

GTA Safety Checklist (Word File)

Incident Reporting Walkthrough

Information for First-Time RoadRally Organizers

General RoadRally Information

TSD Regional RoadRally Handbook

Publicizing A RoadRally

WDC RoadRally School Text

The TSD Timeline below replaces the Rally Organization Schedule contained in the Regional RoadRally Handbook

TSD Timeline

GTA RoadRally Information

Sample GTA Rally 1
Sample GTA Rally 2 GTA Route Instructions
Sample GTA Rally 3 Sample RGTA Instructions

The GTA Timeline below replaces the Rally Organization Timeline contained in the GTA RoadRally Handbook

GTA Timeline

Touring RoadRally Information

Sample General Instructions

Sample Route Instructions

Monte Carlo RoadRally Information

Monte Carlo Route Instructions

Sample Monte Carlo Instructions

Course (Trap) RoadRally Information

Condensed General Instructions


To download and use the most recent waivers please go to https://www.scca.com/downloads