The United States Road Rally Challenge (USRRC) is a multi-day, multi-event showcase Rally which moves around the country each year and stands as an esteemed event in the RoadRally schedule. 

When it started, the USRRC was a three-day, three-event National-level rally with maximum points available which could help propel a competitor towards a national championship. Over time the USRRC has evolved into an event which puts less emphasis on points scoring and more weight toward the experience itself or the historical significance of an event or location.

Previous USRRC events have included a history-filled tour around Washington DC and colonial Virginia in 2014, a visually spectacular route on the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska in 2017, and the 50th "Covered Bridge Rally" in 2016.

Whether your goal is to take advantage of multiple points-scoring days or to take part in the prestige of some of the oldest motorsports events in the country, the USRRC is a desire for many RoadRally participants.   

2023 United States RoadRally® Challenge

October 20-22, 2023 Hosted by Philadelphia & South Jersey Regions


The 2023 USRRC will consist of two National Course Rallies and a National Tour Rally. Teams will be vying for points in each of the three rallies, which are based on their finishing positions in class. The top team in each class will be the one with the most points at the end of the weekend.

2023 USRRC Event Schedule
Friday, October, 20 The 50th Anniversary Little Appalachian National Course Rally; Philadelphia Region, Exton, PA
Saturday, October 21 Up the Creek National Course Rally; South Jersey Region, Vineland, NJ
Sunday, October 22 The Jersey Devil National Tour Rally; South Jersey Region, Vineland, NJ


Mark Your Calendar: The 2024 United States RoadRally® Challenge heads to California! Join Cal Club Region over Veterans Day weekend in Palmdale, CA!