The United States Road Rally Challenge (USRRC) is a multi-day, multi-event showcase Rally which moves around the country each year and stands as an esteemed event in the RoadRally schedule. 

When it started, the USRRC was a three-day, three-event National-level rally with maximum points available which could help propel a competitor towards a national championship. Over time the USRRC has evolved into an event which puts less emphasis on points scoring and more weight toward the experience itself or the historical significance of an event or location.

Previous USRRC events have included a history-filled tour around Washington DC and colonial Virgina in 2014, a visually spectacular route on the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska in 2017, and the 50th "Covered Bridge Rally" in 2016.

Whether your goal is to take advantage of multiple points-scoring days or to take part in the prestige of some of the oldest motorsports events in the country, the USRRC is a desire for many RoadRally participants.   

2022 United States RoadRally® Challenge

November 4-6, 2022 Hosted by the Detroit Region



The 2022 USRRC will consist of a National Tour Rally, a National Course Rally, and a Divisional Tour Rally. Rallyists can expect a fun and challenging mix of unpaved (~70%) and paved twisty county roads around the state recreation areas and farmlands of Southeastern Michigan! These late fall daytime events will challenge your ability to follow the prescribed rally route while staying exactly on time - neither early nor late.



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9897 Main Street
Whitmore Lake, MI 48189
(734) 449-2058
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Friday, Nov 4, 2022: Hell and Back II National Tour Rally

Rallymaster: Piotr Roszczenko

Entry Fee $85
First Car receives route 9:01 am
First Car starts 10:01 am
First Car finishes 5:00 pm (approx)


Saturday, Nov 5, 2022: Are You Territorial? National Course Rally

Rallymaster: Bruce Fisher

Entry Fee $85
First Car receives route 7:15 am
First Car starts 8:01 am
First Car finishes 4:00 pm (approx)


Sunday, Nov 6, 2022: Pavement Ends Divisional Tour Rally

Rallymaster: Tristan Koivisto

Entry Fee $75
First Car receives route 7:15 am
First Car starts 8:01 am
First Car finishes 2:00 pm (approx)