Tire Rack CAM Challenge Series Powered by SCCA

"America's Pro-Touring Autocross Championship Series"

Rumbling V8 engines, ground-pounding American muscle – these are the characteristics of Classic American Muscle cars, or as they are known in SCCA® Solo® – CAM cars.

These muscle cars which are so popular at auctions and Pro-Touring events have also found a home in SCCA® fulfilling their purpose – getting them out of the garage and being pushed to their limits of something other than gathering dust.

SCCA has three classes for these types of cars – CAM C, CAM T, and CAM S.

  • CAM C: With the “C" standing for Contemporary, this class sees car and truck body styles from 2001 - 2022, plus CAM T class cars. (Minimum weight w/o driver is 3300 lbs.)
  • CAM T: In this case, the “T” stands for Traditional, and this class is for car and truck body styles originating from 1948 - 2000. (Minimum weight w/o driver is 3000 lbs.)
  • CAM S: The “S” stands for Sports and this class is where sports cars, sedans/coupes, and trucks with seating for 2 or more adults. (Minimum weight for 1984+ Corvettes and Vipers is 2900 lbs. The minimum weight for all other cars is 2500 lbs.)

2022 Classic American Muscle (CAM) Category Rules handout

All Solo® Rules including CAM are found here.

2023 CAM/XS Challenge Event Schedule

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May 5-7: Saint Charles, MO; Family Arena

August 11-13: Peru, IN; Grissom Air Reserve Base