Date: February 10, 2023 to February 12, 2023
Address: 2745 Private Byrd Street, Beeville, TX, 78102

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Final Cap 50
Registration Opens January 16 @3:00am Central
Registration Closes February 7 @3:00pm Central
Online Entry $0
On-Site (Late) Entry $0
Weekend Membership $20


Event Schedule

Scheduled times and run/work orders are subject to change due to location restrictions and conditions. Please check the event supps for the final schedule.

(all times are event local time zone)
Site Opens 6:30 am
Event Set up (SCCA Staff) 7:00 am - 9:00 am
Event Check-in (SCCA Trailer)                                    (bring helmet & turn in Tech Form) 7:00 am - 8:45 am
Courses closed for walking 8:20 am
Driver's meeting (SCCA Trailer) 8:30 am
Group 1 Drivers to Grid 8:45 am
Worker Check-in (SCCA Trailer) 8:45 am
Timed Runs, Set-up & Test new Super Challenge Knockout Challenge Format 9:00 am - Noon
Lunch Noon - 1:00 pm
Timed Runs, Set-up & Test new Super Challenge Knockout Challenge Format 1:00 am - 4:00 pm


(all times are event local time zone)
Site Opens 6:30 am
Course closed to walking 7:30 am
Group 1 Drivers to Grid 7:45 am
Worker Check-in (Lincoln Driver's Center) 7:45 am
Timed Runs, Set-up & Test new Super Challenge Knockout Challenge Format 8:00 am - 11:00 am

Site Location

Naval Air Station Chase Field
2745 Private Byrd Street
Beeville, TX 78102

Google Maps Link

Site Restrictions

Camping is allowed

Explosives, pyrotechnic devices of any kind, and campfires are strictly prohibited. Firearms and barbeque pits are strictly prohibited.


Please download the Sportity app for important event communications.  You can utilize the QR code here or visit the Google Play Store or Apple AppStore for download. The event password is 23PSTEST.

A. DRIVER ELIGIBILITY: Refer to ProSolo Rules Rule 20.6

B. ANNUAL SCCA WAIVERS: If you are a full SCCA member (not running the event on a Weekend Membership), it is highly recommended that you complete your annual waiver ahead of the event. Once completed, your annual waiver will show as a designation on the back of your membership card and is valid for the calendar year. This can then be shown at the waiver station instead of signing the SCCA waiver, both at regional and national level events. Instructions for completing your annual waiver can be found here. Armbands are still to be worn during the event to indicate that you have completed the waiver.

C. CHANGES TO YOUR REGISTRATION: If you have changes to any of your registration information and online registration is still open – go ahead and make changes in the MotorsportReg system. This will automatically correct the information that goes into the event file and will help shorten the lines at event check-in. If you need to make a change after online registration closes but before on-site check-in opens, email Tracy Lewis at

D. DRIVER MEETING NOTES: There will be a Novice Meeting at the Right Course Start Line on Saturday morning. Review the event schedule for the time. Changes to the event details and other items of information as well as the names of all event officials will be included in the material provided on the event page at IT IS A COMPETITOR’S RESPONSIBILITY TO CHECK THE EVENT PAGE AT SCCA.COM FOR CHANGES TO THE SUPPLEMENTAL REGULATIONS.


  1. Tech will confirm vehicle identification (Solo Rule 3.7) and helmet barcodes are compliant. The vehicle will not pass tech if not compliant.
  2. Competitors at the start line with the wrong number on their car, 2 sets of numbers, or the incorrect class showing will receive a warning for the first offense, a cone penalty for the second offense and may receive a DSQ for three or more offenses at the same event.
  3. Competitors at the scanner with more than one (1) barcode showing on the helmet will receive a warning for the first offense, a cone penalty for the second offense and may receive a DSQ for three or more offenses at the same event.
  4. A driver at the scanner or the start line without the appropriate helmet decal (Solo 2023) will be directed to exit the stage lane. Go directly to the Tech/Impound area to get the helmet inspected and decal applied.

F. ENTRANTS AS WORKERS: ProSolo Rules Rule 20.10.D

Early work assignments that offset a normal work assignment must be pre-approved by the Event Chairman and/or staff. These assignments must be extremely limited to prevent loss of critical support during the event. Serving as a volunteer prior to the event is greatly appreciated and a key element in the success of this event. However, this does not automatically offset a normal work assignment.

G. WORKER MEETING NOTES: Workers will report to the Worker Chief at the Lincoln Drivers' Center (Tech Trailer) during the middle of the last group that is running prior to their assigned work shift. Shift A workers will report 20 minutes prior to the start of the event. Failure to report on time will result in an additional work assignment after the finish of the last shift on that day. Not complying with these rules will result in disqualification.

It is possible that your work assignment within your shift may have changed due to cancellations or class changes. A flag will be raised at the Lincoln Drivers' Center to let you know it is time to check in and that someone is available to get you checked in. Specialty areas (Grid, Timing, Impound, Sound & Safety) will check in with their chiefs. 

The worker sheet will be posted at the Lincoln Drivers' Center and on the SCCA event page online when check-in closes so competitors can verify work assignments. It is your responsibility to know when you should report for your work assignment.

These strategies, guidelines, and information are in concert with the SCCA COVID-19 Event Guidelines posted on the SCCA website and will continue to evolve throughout the season as we gain knowledge and experience.

Core Strategies:
  • Social/Physical Distancing
  • PPE: have a mask available
  • Sanitizing
  • Minimize Contact
  • Communication
SCCA COVID-19 Guidelines:
Competitor Pre-Event Preparation
  • If you have symptoms, PLEASE STAY HOME to protect the Solo Community!
  • Review this document and the SCCA COVID-19 Guidelines.
  • If possible, bring your own PPE (mask, sanitizer, etc.).
  • Bring a helmet; loaner helmets will NOT be available.
  • If there is a change to your registration, make it in advance to avoid lines on site. Changes can be made online until online registration closes. After that, changes should be emailed to Tracy Lewis at
  • To help minimize contact at the event, please sign up before the event for the SCCA Annual Waiver at OR be sure to sign up for the Speedwaiver when you register for the event or receive the event email.
General Guidelines and Information:
  • Follow your appropriate guideline as laid out in the SCCA COVID-19 Guidelines linked above.
  • When space is available, practice paddock parking distancing.
  • Do NOT enter the T&S trailer unless asked.
  • As you interact, if you meet someone who is wearing a mask, please also put your mask on while speaking with them.
Operational Guidelines and Information:
  • Registration Check-in will be at the Lincoln Drivers’ Center (LDC) at the designated times; workers will have PPE available.
  • Tech Inspection will be a self-inspection of the competitor’s vehicle, including a Registration Check-in component. More info below.
  • Worker Check-in will be signaled by a raised flag at the LDC. Worker sheets will be posted online after final check-in has closed so competitors are able to verify that work positions did not change (due to cancellations/class changes). 
CV19 Related Materials and Supplies provided by SCCA for staff, field staff, and workers:
  • Masks, Face Shields
  • Sanitizer and dispensers
  • Signage
SCCA Annual Waiver Information
E-Waiver Information:
  • We are now accepting SpeedWaivers at National events.
  • Go to the Event page, click on the link on the link for Mobile Speed Waiver (located under the Event information heading on the right side of the web page.
  • You will also receive an email with a link to sign the SpeedWaiver for the weekend.
  • This waiver will be used in lieu of signing a paper waiver (but does not take the place of any required track waivers).
  • Waiver is good for Event Dates only, a new SpeedWaiver will have to be completed for each event.
  • Armbands must still be worn to show that you have completed the waiver.
Tech Inspection Procedure:

The self-tech inspection procedure below will be used to minimize contact between drivers and event workers by expediting and decentralizing the process.

  • A Chief Technical Inspector (CTI) will be appointed as per the National Solo Rules, Section 5.6. The role of the CTI will be to oversee the process and if needed conduct additional inspections of vehicles.
  • A Self-Tech Inspection form will be available at the event site and online before the event. Go to the Event Page and click on the link for Tech Form (located under the Event information heading on the right side of the web page), download, and print. Bring the form with you to the event- ONE FOR EACH DRIVER.
  • The driver will complete the form by conducting a self-tech of their vehicle when parked in the paddock, warranting that their car is compliant with the SCCA Solo Rules. If there are two or more drivers using the vehicle, a completed form is needed for each driver.
  • While still in the paddock, the class designation and numbers will be placed on the vehicle. If the driver has them at this time, also place on the vehicle any SCCA required decals and appropriate contingency decals. SCCA required decals and some contingency decals are available at Tech Inspection.
  • When the above is completed, the driver takes the vehicle AND their helmet to Tech Inspection, staying in the car while there.
  • The driver gives their Self-Tech Inspection form to the CTI, or their designee, and shows them their helmet, again, staying in the car.
  • The car will receive a quick review for numbers and class letters, plus any obvious mechanical issues.
  • While remaining in the car, they will be asked if they need any SCCA or contingency decals AND if there are any changes to their event registration information (car, class, number, etc.).
  • If there are NO changes to the information that was used to register on MSR, they will be checked in for the event at Tech using the self-tech form and they can then return to the paddock.
  • If there ARE changes to the registration information that was used to register on MSR, they will keep their tech form and exit the Tech area with their vehicle. They must bring the tech form to the SCCA Timing Trailer at the designated time shown in the supps to complete any changes and be checked in for the event.
Check-in Procedure:

The check-in procedure below will be used to further simplify the process.

  • Event supps will no longer be handed out when you check-in. They will be available by request. Supps will be posted online on the Event page as well as on-site in the following areas: Tech/Impound/Lincoln Driver’s Center & on the Timing Trailer.
  • Schedules shown on the Event supps are the official schedule for the event.
  • Work assignments will be posted on the Event page. A report showing the class listing will be created and it contains information about competitors’ registrations, including work assignments. Information will be available when you tech if you ask.
  • If you have NO CHANGES to your registration, you can proceed through tech, turn in your tech form and you will be checked in for the event.
  • If you HAVE CHANGES to your registration, you can proceed through tech, but you will need to KEEP your tech form and make your way to the SCCA Timing Trailer at the designated time for registration changes (see the supps for times). You will be checked-in for the event at that time.
  • Once check-in is closed for the event, a finalized worker sheet will be posted online to the Event Page (approx 8:15am). Please check there to verify that your work assignment has not changed due to class changes, cancellations, etc. Any work assignments that have changed will be highlighted in grey.

  • Naval Air Station Chase Field
    2745 Private Byrd Street
    Beeville, TX 78102