Date: March 18, 2021 to March 20, 2021
Location: zMAX Dragway
Address: 6570 Bruton Smith Blvd, Concord, NC, 28027

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Online Registration - Opens 2/3, Closes 3/15

Download the National Solo Covid19 Guidelines here

This event is a traditional 2-course ProSolo

Final cap - 250

 Registration Fee is:

Regular online entry - $169

On-Site (Late) entry - $ 220

Starting Line Pro Launch School - $65

For more detailed information, please visit the event page by clicking here.

For more information about the Starting Line Pro Launch School, please visit its registration page by clicking here.

Site Location

zMAX Dragway

6570 Bruton Smith Blvd

Concord, NC 28027

Google Maps Link

Event Schedule

Scheduled times and run/work orders are subject to change due to location restrictions and conditions. Please check the event supps for the final schedule

Wednesday - February 3
Online registration opens for SuperPass holders 3:00 pm Central
Wednesday - February 10
Online registration opens to all 3:00 pm Central
Monday - March 15
Online registration closes 3:00 pm Central
Wednesday - March 17
Event supps including Run/Work order are posted on event page 8:00 am event local time
Thursday - March 18 (all times are event local time zone)
Site and course set-up 8:00 am - 11:00 am
Courses available for ProSolo National Series promotional use. Not open for competitors 11:00 am - 2:00 pm
StartingLine ProLaunch Drivers Meeting/Tech 1:30 pm - 2:00 pm
StartingLine ProLaunch practice starts (course closed for walking) 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm
StartingLine ProLaunch Wrap Up Meeting 2:30 pm - 3:00 pm
Practice Starts ticket sales (Lincoln Driver's Center) 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Practice States (Course closed for walking) 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Tech Inspection & Event Check-in (No Changes)(Tech Trailer) 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Event Check-in (With Changes) & New Entries (SCCA Timing Trailer) 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Course open to walking 6:15 pm  
No new entries (new or waitlist) and no car/class changes 6:00 pm
Chiefs Meeting (Lincoln Driver's Center) 6:15 pm
Friday - March 19 (all times are event local time zone)
Site Opens 6:30 am
Late Tech Inspection (Tech Trailer) 7:00 am - 7:45 am
Late Check-in (Timing Trailer) (no new entries or car/class changes)  7:00 am - 7:45 am
Novice meeting (Right course Start line) 8:00 am
Course closed to walking 8:20 am
Group 1 to A Grid, Group 2 to B Grid 8:30 am
Worker Check-in (Lincoln Driver's Center) 8:40 am
Saturday a.m. competition (Heat 1) 9:00 am - 1:00 pm (approx)
Saturday p.m. competition (Heat 2) 1:30 pm- 5:30 pm (approx)
Saturday - March 20 (all times are event local time zone)
Site Opens 6:30 am
Course closed to walking 8:00 am
Group 1 to A Grid, Group 2 to B Grid 8:10 am
Worker Check-in (Lincoln Driver's Center) 8:10 am
Sunday a.m. competition (Heat 3) 8:30 am - 1:00 pm (approx)
Challenge competition (Ladies, Bonus, then Super) 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm (approx)
Awards Presentation will begin immediately after Heat competition

Staff Hotel

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Concord

2491 Wonder Dr.

Kannapolis, NC 28083


Link to hotel website

Site Restrictions

Camping is NOT allowed

Alcohol is NOT allowed


To read about the contingency sponsor programs and to register for programs please click on this link.

Competitors must register each year through prior to competing for all SilverGold and Platinum programs and in some cases with the sponsor as well, please read each program's registration requirements carefully. Decals will be available at tech inspection at the event.

All Bronze programs require registering and receiving decals directly from that sponsor, please refer to the program descriptions for more information.  

Registration Policies 

Registration Policy (after online closes)

Online registration closes at 6:00 pm Central, Tuesday prior to the event.  After online registration closes, you can still register for the event on-site during regular registration times on the day prior to the competition.  Please note, there will be a late entry fee imposed on all on-site registrations.  If the event is already full we will follow the waitlist policy (see below).

Car Number Policy

Car numbers selection will be on a first-come, first-served basis.  Only one- or two-digit numbers will be allowed (i.e., 1 through 99). Exception: Where there are two drivers in one car, in one class, then the second driver MUST be 100 plus the first driver's number (99 and 199). The system does not allow drivers to reserve their co-driver's number. With that, if there is a conflict where someone signs up for a number and someone else who is not the co-driver signs up for the corresponding number, the person that signed up first for either the two or three-digit number is the owner of that combination. If you notice a discrepancy in numbers, please contact Brian Harmer ( provides the date/time of registrations to determine who registered first and is the rightful owner of the number combination. If desired, drivers of the same car but in different classes (open and ladies) may use the same car number. Drivers of the same car in the same class must submit separate entries. Car numbers above 199 are not allowed at National Solo events.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be made in writing.
Please contact Brian Harmer ( with questions or to cancel.

Please review valuable information regarding refunds below. 

Partial refunds (SCCA keeps $50) for cancellations IF:
Entrant cancels PRIOR to 7:00 pm Central the day of on-site check-in. 

NO REFUNDS for cancellations IF: 
Entrant cancels AFTER 7:00 pm Central the day of on-site check-in.

Waitlist Policy

The Tire Rack SCCA National Solo events (ProSolo, Champ Tour, CAM Challenge) are adopting a revised waitlist policy for 2021:

  • The initial entry cap will be set 15 entrants lower than the final cap.
  • When an event hits the initial entry cap, the remaining competitors will be put on a waitlist.
  • Just like the 2020 Tire Rack National Solo season, the waitlist will be published to show the order in which each member is on the list, based on the order of entry receipt and the timestamp listed on the MSR registration. This is the order in which entries will move off the waitlist and into the event when a cancellation is processed. This list does not automatically update in real-time but is rather a report from the registration system that will be run periodically so that those on the waitlist can understand their current position.  Given that the list is not updating in real-time, there may be names at the top of the waitlist that has already moved into the event and there may be names that have registered onto the waitlist that do not yet appear.
  • When 15 entrants have registered with the region of record of the hosting region the cap will be increased to the final. If 15 hosting region members have not registered 2 weeks prior to the event the cap will be increased to its final.
  • For entrants on the waitlist, there is no guarantee the entrant will get into the event.
  • As entrants on the entry list cancel, the next person in line on the waitlist will be notified via email that there has been a cancellation and they have now been moved into the event. When that entrant is moved over, they will be required to log into MSR and pay for the event (MSR does not charge waitlisted competitors). The entrant will have 24 hours to pay for the event before that entrant is placed back on the waitlist and the next entrant is put into the event.
  • We will continue to move entrants off the waitlist as we receive cancellations up until the time online registration closes.
  • After online registration closes, we will not update the waitlist online. However, if there is a cancellation after online registration closes, entrants on the waitlist will be contacted in waitlist order to let them know a spot in the event has opened.  They will be instructed to contact the on-site event Administrator to claim their spot and remit payment.  The waitlist will also be printed and posted in the timing trailer on Friday morning. As cancellations come in during the registration/check-in day, we will try to contact the top person on the waitlist to see if they are available and still want to get into the event that day.
  • At the end of registration on the day prior to the competition, the waitlist will be closed, and no new entries will be allowed into the event.

Onsite Event Registration and Car/Class Changes

  • For any event that is not sold out, on-site registration is allowed on the day prior to competition All on-site registrations will be charged the event late fee (see event registration page for pricing). Car and class changes are allowed at check-in on the day prior to competition.  Any car or class changes on the days of competition require the approval of the Chief Steward for the event.
  • zMAX Dragway
    6570 Bruton Smith Blvd
    Concord, NC 28027