Voting to Begin for 2022 Board of Directors Positions

As an SCCA Member, you are both invited and encouraged to participate in the annual elections for the SCCA Board of Directors. SCCA BoD members, as outlined in the SCCA bylaws, “shall establish the policies of the Club and shall oversee and direct the implementation and execution of such policies and the administration of the affairs of the Club by the executive committee, such other committees as it determines to appoint and authorize, and the staff of the Club.” It’s an important position for the direction of the Club, and as such, the selection of the Board should be taken seriously. Members of the Board of Directors are elected to three-year terms, so only five of the 13 Areas are up for election in 2021. 

This year's election process will once again include online voting via the Member Account Portal (MAP) at, and an email notification announcing such will be sent shortly to eligible voters. For those on a Family Membership, each family member will need to log in with their unique SCCA Member ID to cast their vote. A first-time login requires a valid email address on the member account, and family members may use the same email address. Those that experience any difficulty should contact the Member Services Department for assistance at

The National Office assumes members are “opted in” to electronic delivery of ballots unless they have specifically “opted out.” Those who opted out should receive physical ballots in the mail shortly so they may vote on Area Director candidates—if their Area Director is up for election this year. Ballots are mailed to addresses on record with the Sports Car Club of America. Completed ballots should NOT be returned to the SCCA office. Instead, votes will be tallied by Mize CPAs Inc. A postage paid return envelope is included with the ballot for your convenience. Ballots must be received at Mize CPAs Inc. by November 15 at 5 p.m. Central Time. The same deadline applies to online voting.

Voting is only open in contested areas, so only members in Areas 7 and 8 will be able to vote online or should expect to receive a ballot if they’ve opted out of electronic delivery.

If you feel you did not receive a ballot and should have, please contact SCCA Member Services at 800-770-2055. Area Director seats up for election this year are as follows:

Area 1: Encompasses the Northeast Division, including the New England, New York and Northern New Jersey Regions. Bob Dowie is concluding his final term as allowed by SCCA Bylaws.

  • Peter Schneider

Area 5: Encompasses the Central Division, including: Badlands, Blackhawk Valley, Central Illinois, Chicago, Great River, Iowa, Lake Superior, Land O'Lakes and Milwaukee Regions.

  • Incumbent Area 5 Director Peter Jankovskis is running unopposed.

Area 7: Encompasses the Southwest Division, and the following Regions: Central Louisiana, Delta, Houston, Lone Star, Red River, South Texas Border, Southwest Louisiana, Texas and West Texas. Dan Helman is concluding his final term as allowed by SCCA Bylaws.

  • Cathy Barnard
  • KJ Christopher
  • Larry Svaton

Area 8: Encompasses the Rocky Mountain Division including the Colorado, Continental Divide, Eastern Idaho, Pan American, Rio Grande, Utah, and Yellowstone Regions. Arnie Coleman is concluding his final term as allowed by SCCA Bylaws.

  • Paul Brown
  • Clay Turner

Area 13: Encompasses part of the Northern Pacific Division, including: Arctic Alaska, Big Sky, Montana, Northwest, Oregon, Snake River and Southwest Montana Regions. 

  • Incumbent Area 13 Director Jeff Zurschmeide is running unopposed.


Click below to review candidate-supplied platforms.

Peter Schneider

Uncontested Candidate for Area 1 Director - Platform

My name is Peter Schneider, and I am running for Director of Area 1. I’ve been an SCCA member for 33 years.

I joined SCCA back in 1988 in order to obtain my SCCA ProRally License. Since that time I have been an active member of the Northern New Jersey Region Board of Trustee and RoadRally Chair. As the NEDIV Divisional RoadRally Stewart. I was the initial recipient of the SCCA National RoadRally Divisional Achievement Award in 1992 and again in 2018. Through my focus on Regional activities, NNJR was awarded the Regional RoadRally Achievement Award in 2016 for the expansion of the program and in 2020 we received the award due to our efforts in serving our membership and community which resulted in 20% of all participates in the National Program attending one of Northern New Jersey events during a very trying year.

Currently I am in my second year of my term as Regional Executive after serving as the Assistant Regional Executive for four years. I have been the NNJR’s eNews editor for the past four year and the New York Region eNews editor for the past two years. I am a member of the National RoadRally Board for the past 5 years and involved with development of the first online National Safety Steward Course in SCCA’s newly developed Learning Management System which is now available to the membership on the Membership Account Portal and with fellow SCCA members reestablishment the SCCA’s Regional RoadRally Development Committee at the beginning of this year. I have presented at three SCCA National Conventions. I have also been an event organizer of the SCCA Experiential program Targa Southland, which was a three day event conducted in the Southeast which brought all of SCCA specialties together for the enjoyment of the membership.

In 2021 as the Regional Executive of NNJR, we brought SCCA club racing back to Pocono Raceway for the Joe DeLuca and Linda Gronlund Freedom Majors to mark the 20th anniversary of their passing, and we are currently working with Pocono for 2022.

Professionally, before retiring, I was a Project Executive for IBM and a certified PMI Project Manager. My accounts included New Jersey based Healthcare/Pharmaceutical industries, a major California based Retail Company and a year oversea in Australia working with a Telecommunication firm upgrading their system’s infrastructure.

I’m running for Area 1 Director because I believe I have the professional skills and extensive back ground in SCCA’s Regional, Divisional and National activities to represent Area 1. While I fully support all of the SCCA Pro series and activities, my main focus will be on strong fiscal responsibility and expansion of SCCA’s ‘grass roots’ activities in service to our members.


Current Area 5 director Peter Jankovskis will retain his seat on the SCCA Board of Directors as the uncontested incumbent in the 2022 Board of Director Elections. 

Cathy C. Barnard

Candidate for Area 7 Director - Platform


I began racing a Formula Vee in 1979 with a small, regional racing organization, and was introduced to the SCCA when I helped to organize the first FV Birthday Party at Road America in 1983.  I joined SCCA and raced Formula Vee in Central and Southwest Divisions for the next twenty years.   As my active racing career wound down, I joined the Stewards Program, earned my National Steward’s license, and was appointed Executive Steward and President of Southwest Division from 2017 to 2021.  I try to work every Southwest Division race and CRE, as well as several out of division events each year.  I have served as a pace car driver, safety steward, operating steward, Chief of the Stewards of the Course, and a Steward of the Meet at the Runoffs.

I retired in 2018 from a 40+ year career as a solutions oriented environmental engineer, regulatory specialist, and Operations Supervisor for Petrochemical, Refining and Gas Processing facilities.  For ten years I managed both day to day operations and major maintenance projects for a natural gas processing facility with an annual budget of approximately $4.5 Million.  As a member of various trade associations, I worked with government agencies and environmental groups to develop environmental and clean fuels regulations that accomplished the rule of the law, but also neither favored nor penalized any one member.

I will utilize my SCCA and professional experience to carry out the duties of Area Director.

As your Area Director, I pledge to:

  • Promote the SCCA as the premier Motorsports Organization, and support programs and policies that ensure the financial stability and long-term success of the club.
  • Represent the unique interests of the Southwest Division in SCCA Board matters and rulemaking decisions and serve as liaison between the Division and National Office. For the Board to act in the best interests of all members, each Board member must communicate the needs of his or her area as well as consider the priorities of SCCA national office and other divisions.
  • Support opportunities for all members to have fun with cars, including those who primarily participate in local programs and events.
  • Support national initiatives that enhance the various local programs and promote the financial success of the regions, including member training, financial grant programs, regional and divisional web site support, and technical guidance for division communications systems.  
  • Support national vendor contracts for use by regions and divisions.
  • Support fair, enforceable program rules that avoid unintended consequences and provide neither a competitive advantage nor disadvantage for specific members or geographic regions.
  • Support current and new partnerships between SCCA amateur programs and professional sanctioning bodies, including SCCA Pro, to establish a clear path for advancement by drivers and volunteers to SCCA Pro or other professional racing programs.
  • Improve coordination of event scheduling among regional, divisional, and professional events to encourage healthy entries and worker participation at all events.

I respectfully request your vote for Area 7 Director. 

KJ Christopher

Candidate for Area 7 Director - Platform

My platform is one of continued improvement and focus on the strength of the entire organization, from the smallest region to the jumbos.  Providing a place where my family and families all over the country can bond in a healthy, productive sport that provides everyday skills.  Ensuring a for the future for our club - a space for our families to grow.

I want to continue working with the board members and national organization in defining the framework under which our various programs run while adapting to our continually changing environment.  Continue to mold a strategic direction to provide stability to the overall organization and support for our regions.  And to monitor progress against the plan. 

As most of you know, I never ran for a second term due to my move from California to Texas.  However, I couldn’t help but be involved.  I continued as Treasurer and worked closely with my colleagues at Ventures board as we righted that ship.   I get great personal satisfaction in offering my experience and perspective to the current board and management as they continue to push improvements through this organization. 

When asked, many people will list their SCCA resume as evidence why they belong on the board.  I certainly have that experience – running a regional Solo program, leadership of an Advisory Committee, heck – I even have prior board experience.  However, what I point to most when asked to ‘justify your performance’ is my understanding of business and how a board member can empower or hinder management’s ability to create a successful organization.   It comes down to understanding the role of a director.  We’ve had many good-intentioned directors with agendas that have not nurtured a collaborative and supportive environment and the club has suffered for it.

As a recap, the Board’s role is one of strategy, direction, and oversight.  This is accomplished by selecting qualified individuals to serve in supporting roles, such as Program Boards, divisional leadership, and in the case of the national organization, the CEO/President.  The Board collaborates with these groups as it develops a long-term plan, seeking both general input as well as thoughts on the art of the possible.

It takes more than just enthusiasm and participation in the sport.  If this organization and member regions are going to succeed as a business against serious competition, we need to bring our business skills and put them to use in addressing the club’s issues.  So, why do I think I can do it? 

Here is a short dossier:

  • Built and lead a diverse section of my company’s finance department, creating an IR function, while revamping Treasury and Tax.
  • Led company to successful direct listing (fifth ever in history), registering Thryv Holdings, Inc.’s shares on the Nasdaq and successful upsized secondary offering.
  • Led acquisition of a $200mm international operation
  • Led public syndication of new Term Loan B with the first post-bankruptcy public debt ratings
  • Over 20 years as a CPA with Big-Four public accounting firms, working with businesses and heavy involvement in firm leadership initiatives.
  • Numerous years in the trenches of national and local SCCA leadership
  • Experience in leadership positions with charitable organizations outside of the SCCA, such as United Way of Jackson and YMCA of Downtown LA.
  • Family competitor - Extremely active in the sport, preparing and maintaining vehicles for myself and daughter.

In short, I bring a strong, proven track record of improvement and vision, with a focus on the greater good for everyone.

As you choose your next director, I ask that you consider the points I laid out above on the roles and duties of a director.  Recall the Board’s role is one of strategy, direction, and oversight.  Directors have a fiduciary duty to the overall organization.  It is a legal and ethical obligation to the welfare of the entire organization, from the smallest to the largest.  The organization needs directors with experience in operating and fostering collaborative and supportive environments.  Directors who bring skills that are accretive.  Directors who can challenge status quo with a future vision and empower the National Office and Program Boards to achieve it.  And hold them accountable to the plan.  

It is important that you select someone who will bring skills that are appropriate for board level position. Experience on a committee or experience in a region may not be sufficient as the national board has a different charge and differing responsibilities.  I bring a strong, proven track record of improvement and vision, with a focus on the greater good for everyone.

Larry Svaton

Candidate for Area 7 Director - Platform

As Director of the SCCA it is my intention to concentrate on representing all nine regions of the Southwest  Division with the values of a native Texan and the hands-on experience of a 47 year SCCA member. That experience combines years of volunteer service, including positions such as regional executive of the Houston Region, National technical inspector and national club Racing Stewart. During my tenure as the Houston Region RE, the region won the Region of the Year for 2019.

It is my intention to Champion holding the Runoffs at the Circuit  of the Americas and to increase the number of Hoosier Super Tours in the Southwest Division. With the recent improvements to the Nola facility, I believe that including the Louisiana race either as a joint event with the Southeast Division or as a Southwest Division -only tour would greatly increase participation.   

 As previously stated in an earlier release, it is also my desire to strengthen the Improved Touring classes, either through a special session or by mending some of the Improved Touring vehicles in our existing National classes.

In addition to the tow fun for the Runoffs  drivers, it is my intention to push for a tow fund or something similar for the workers. I will also champion giving our volunteer workers more discounts on memberships, including licenses. Without these volunteers our club becomes little more than an association of people who like cars,so let’s show these volunteers that the club values them as do as the participants they support with their tireless efforts.

We provide year and trophies in the Southwest Division for Racing. I believe this should be expanded to the Solo competition. Solo participants are just as enthusiastic about their sport as all other areas of motorsport. I also wish to include annual trophies for track day participants. With the increased participation at all our events, I believe that we gain a more financially stable club with increased transparency in rulemaking.

I have been endorsed by the following individuals who have all worked with me in the SCCA for many many years: Robey Clark; Nadja Pollard; David Perkins; Bob Neff; Roger Johnson; Roy Hillenberg; Darryl Wills; John Phillips; Jim Robertson; Bryan Gregory; Paul Pineider; Sitara Wilson; Sergio Zlobin; Zach Fox; Kelly Kindred; Richard Tomlin and many, many more.

It is my fundamental goal to represent the Southwest  Division for the betterment of all the Division and all of its Regions.




Clay Turner

Candidate for Area 8 Director - Platform

As I wrote in the Up To Speed newsletter, I’m running to represent all Area 8 members on the SCCA National Board because I’m grateful for all the lasting friendships and terrific times I’ve enjoyed with my SCCA family. I believe my experience in my career as an advertising executive and board member of several charities, as well as my time as Regional Executive, Solo chair, Novice chair, Solo Safety Steward, and longtime participant in Solo and Club Racing, can be of great benefit to the Club. 

Below are some bullet points that, if elected, will help you get a sense of how I plan to bring those skills to bear on your behalf:

  • I believe the role of the Board is to set policies that guide the CEO and staff; it is the CEO’s job to run the organization and direct staff in accordance with those policies. Board members should refrain from giving staff unsolicited advice on how to do their jobs.

 As Chairman of the 2000 United Way Campaign, I learned an important tenet of Board/CEO relationships. As a board, we decided not to tell the CEO what to do. Instead, we told him/her what not to do: Don’t put us in debt, don’t make us read about problems in the newspaper, don’t distract us with unnecessary political entanglements, etc. The Board sets boundaries to and the CEO is free to pursue opportunities as he/she sees fit and direct resources appropriately.

  • Excellence in communications greatly influences the perception of an organization’s quality. This is an area where SCCA needs improvement. In particular, the SCCA website is an ongoing source of frustration for members, who find it unwieldy, disorganized and dysfunctional. Information is difficult to find via search, and unnecessary logins create barriers to usage.

This is not unusual for non-profit organizations, but we can do better. In a digital world,, our interaction with current and prospective members should be a better experience.

  • We must achieve a healthy balance between being a Club and running a business. The Club must be financially healthy in order to continue to exist and provide benefits and programs for its membership. Sometimes, that will require hard choices. At the same time, we must at all times remember to treat SCCA members with the respect and consideration that dues-paying members of a club deserve. 

I experienced a good example of this balance during a recent protest at Solo Nationals. I watched as the Chief of Protest listened exhaustively and afforded every opportunity to resolve the protest to the members’ satisfaction. Though ultimately unsuccessful, I hope they believe we listened, gave them every opportunity to succeed and, most importantly, wanted them to remain members. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

  • The Regions are where the rubber meets the road. Regions are run by well-meaning enthusiast volunteers who join us for the joy of auto competition. Most of our members experience SCCA through their experience with region-organized events. Nationally, I believe we are most successful when we do our best to support their activities, giving them the tools to make their job as easy as possible.
  • Lastly, I’ll strive to never forget I was elected to serve the members, not the other way around.

 Please vote starting October 15, and thank you for your consideration.

Clay Turner
Area 8 Candidate, 
SCCA Board of Directors 

paul Brown

Candidate for Area 8 Director - Platform

My name is Paul Brown, and I’m running for Area 8 Director.  I’ve spent my entire SCCA career in Rio Grande Region doing Solo events.  I’m a computer geek in my day job. 

SCCA faces a variety of challenges these days, but that has been true for its entire existence.  Between the membership, the regions, the divisions, the National Office, and all the levels of boards and committees, we’ve survived and (mostly) thrived.   Ideally, the BOD works more with the club’s boards and committees than members, but sometimes a more direct communication path from membership is necessary.  The club has not always balanced serving current members with the search for new members, though both are critical to the health of the club.

I’m a Solo guy.  That has been my focus, but I am trainable and look forward to learning how the other side lives.  That means I am not looking to be a crusader, but I do pledge to be a voice for fair treatment in matters of interest to the club racing and rally communities.  I don’t know all the answers, but I’m a good listener and have some communication skills and have some talent at wording rules to actually achieve a desired goal.  I have an extensive background in various levels of participation, operation, and management of the club, including:

  • Competitor: competed at all levels, from regional events on up to ProSolo and the Solo Nationals.  2021 marked my 36th year in a row attending the Solo Nationals. 
  • Solo Safety Steward since the mid-80’s. SSS instructor.  Had a small part in helping Mark Andy and Kathy Barnes develop the on-line SSS training model, and have conducted a number of the online SSS training sessions. 
  • Sports Car writer. Wrote event reports back when we did that, and have been writing the Leaving the Line column for many years.  Coordinate the “Who Will Win Solo National”s and ProSolo wrapup articles and write the occasional feature article.
  • Regional administration: Local board member and assistant RE.
  • National service: Stock Classification Committee and a stint on the SEB. National Appeals Committee for many years when the SEB delegated that responsibility. I’ve been part of Howard Duncan’s “Kitchen Cabinet” for ProSolo from the beginning. 
  • Event administration: event chair for many local/regional events.
  • National Solo Events administration: worked T&S for many years as either a Captain or Chief. Moved on to Protest, first on the Protest Committee, then as Chief.  Was asked to serve as Chief Steward at a ProSolo years ago, and have been doing that ever since at just about every Tour, ProSolo, and Solo Nationals I’ve attended.
  • Awards: received the ProSolo Green Light award in 2015, then the Solo Cup in 2017.

I believe I’m ready to take the next step and serve effectively on the Board of Directors.  I would greatly appreciate your vote in the upcoming election.

Current Area 13 director Jeff Zurschmeide will retain his seat on the SCCA Board of Directors as the uncontested incumbent in the 2022 Board of Director Elections. 

Members of the Board of Directors in the midst of their terms include:

  • Area 2 - Jack Burrows
  • Area 3 - Lyn Hodges Watts
  • Area 4 - Dayle Frame
  • Area 6 - Chris Albin
  • Area 9 - Charlie Davis
  • Area 10 - Charles Dobbs
  • Area 11 - Jason Isley
  • Area 12 - Steve Strickland 

The Board of Directors represents you, the members—be a part of the process and vote!