In The Media: West Texas Region

SCCA Regions are like satellite offices, operating locally and supporting the interests of the community. That’s no more evident than in all of the ways that our Regions give back to their communities. From Tire Rack Street Survival Schools to charity events, our regions make us proud.

A great example of this generosity comes out of West Texas Region where they recently held a car show to benefit their “Wrench It” Scholarship.

“That scholarship was developed to put people who were specifically going to be a welder, HVAC, mechanic, truck driver, anybody like that, that’s entering into an industry that’s considered a trade, we are going to help them go through school because there is nothing like that,” said Regional Executive Autumn Daniel.

Over the past three years, the Region has awarded over $4,000 in scholarships to local students. They’re helping the next generation of motorsport enthusiasts; we love to see it.

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