SCCA Enduro: License To Race

When the SCCA Endurance Racing Board (ERB) began to develop the tone and philosophy of the newly formed program, among the most important aspects was to determine who could participate and how they could participate in a safe way.

Those discussions led to an SCCA Enduro license that had a different feel than an SCCA full competition license, but still made sure racers had some experience before taking the green flag.

The philosophy of the program is to be a place where SCCA members of all experience levels can safely race together. Within that, the ERB determined that they wanted to recognize other racing licenses and recognize those with extensive track day or time trials experience that didn’t have previous wheel to wheel experience. The SCCA Enduro program is also designed to be a new access point for wheel-to-wheel racing, and that should be outlined in the license requirements. The ERB also recognizes, however, that some on-track experience is necessary, and instruction and mentoring provide the best opportunities for both inexperienced racers and those on track with them to succeed.

With that in mind, the ERB has outlined three licensing levels for the SCCA Enduro program.

Enduro Rookie

The Enduro Rookie license is for those with limited-to-no wheel-to-wheel racing experience, who have competed in SCCA Time Trials, SCCA Track Night in America, or other well-known and recognized Time Trials and track day programs. Eligible drivers must have at least three days of time trials experience with results that prove a solid understanding of the race track experience, or at least three days of track day experience at the advanced level and an endorsement from an instructor at those events.

In addition to the subjective criteria above, drivers wishing to race on an Enduro Rookie license must complete online courses from SCCA on an introduction to Road Racing and SCCA Endurance Racing.

Rookies will be mentored throughout the Endurance Experience, much like Track Night in America, SCCA Time Trials, GridLife, and more. Those racing on an Enduro Rookie license should expect more communication with coaches throughout the event as part of the mentorship process, but should also feel free to ask questions to better understand mistakes or to improve.

Racers may continue to race on an Enduro Rookie license as long as they are comfortable; however, a promotion to an Unrestricted Enduro license is in order once the driver can successfully demonstrate:

  • A clear understanding of the racing line
  • A clear understanding of the expected racing etiquette
  • Predictable, courteous behavior around other cars
  • Lap times within 115% of the fastest lap of that team’s car during the race
  • No on-track infractions or other incidents

Provisional Enduro License

A Provisional Enduro License is for drivers who have previous wheel-to-wheel racing experience, but do not have a license. That applies to drivers who may have experience in one of a number of endurance racing organizations or other racing endeavors that do not require a formal license.

To get a Provisional Enduro License, drivers must submit a resume with verified evidence of on-track experience or a resume plus a reference from an SCCA Road Racing Full Competition or Enduro License holder or another endurance sanctioning body who will verify the driver’s level of skill and experience.

Provisional Enduro Licensees will also be required to complete the online classroom session for SCCA Enduro.

Provisional license holders may still be required to have conversations with Endurance Racing mentors. To graduate from a Provisional Enduro License, drivers must fulfill the on-track requirements as outlined in the Rookie License:

  • A clear understanding of the racing line
  • A clear understanding of the expected racing etiquette
  • Predictable, courteous behavior around other cars
  • Lap times within 115% of the fastest lap of that team’s car during the race
  • No on track infractions or other incidents

If the graduation criteria is not met, a driver can continue to race on a Provisional Enduro License.

Enduro License

Drivers with a license already recognized by the SCCA’s General Competition Rules, including an SCCA Full Competition license, are eligible for an SCCA Enduro License pending the completion of the SCCA Enduro online classroom session. Additionally, those who compete the requirements on a Rookie Enduro or Provisional Enduro license are eligible for a full Enduro License.

Of note: All stages of Enduro licenses will be required to follow SCCA’s existing physical examination protocol.

Keep an eye on for more details on the upcoming SCCA Enduro program.